Dining with the Stars: Julianne Moore in BK; Tom Cruise in BH; Kris Humphries in MIA + More

Tom Cruise celebrates scoring a reservation at the Polo Lounge.

Recent celebrity sightings at restaurants on OpenTable… 

* Erstwhile Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford lunched at ABC Kitchen in New York City. [People]

* The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe dined with fiancee Catherine Guidici at Manhattan’s Ainsworth Park. [People]

* Julianne Moore dined with designer pal Rachel Roy at Antica Pesa in Brooklyn. [NY Post]

* Upcoming costars Will Arnett and Megan Fox shared a meal at NYC’s Beauty & Essex. [People]

* Katie Holmes was deep in conversation with feminist icon Gloria Steinem at Carbone in NYC’s Greenwich Village. [NY Post]

* Rockers Axl Rose and Steven Tyler hit up Catch in New York’s Meatpacking District. [NY PostContinue Reading

Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Grilled Romaine

The magical grilled romaine salad from South Edison restaurant.

I often think the world is divided into two groups: those who love salads and those who do not. I am squarely in the former and my husband is, unfortunately, in the latter. He’ll eat salads, but, more often than not, it is begrudgingly. Not so when we were at South Edison in Montauk, New York, recently. We had a char-grilled romaine salad with meyer lemon vinaigrette, and my husband declared that he would eat salad every day (!) if it were this very dish. Perhaps then, those who do not love salad haven’t yet tried this delicious variation on dressed greens. Romaine lettuce is perfectly suited to grilling because its hearty texture holds up over hot coals, which bring out its sweetness while adding smokey depth. Chock full of vitamins A and K, romaine lettuce is low in calories and high in fiber. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this summery spin on salad in recent reviews.

Alfio’s bon cibo, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Butternut squash soup was yummy, as was the wood-grilled romaine salad. Must be a genius in the kitchen.”

Bella’s Restaurant, Charlottesville, Virginia: “Do not miss the grilled romaine; it’s to die for!”

* BOCA, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Dinner at Boca was outstanding. The grilled romaine is a must.”

Bonfyre American Grille, Madison, Wisconsin: “My side Caesar salad was great. They grilled the romaine. Awesome flavor.”

Campania Cafe, Davidson, North Carolina: “Comfortable dinning, excellent food. I especially enjoyed the grilled romaine salad.”

* Chloé, Seattle, Washington: “They have several wonderful prix-fixe options; I tried the grilled romaine salad, steak, and creme brulee option for $25. Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about grilled lettuce, but it was delicious!” Continue Reading

Top Chef Season 8 Episode 6: Catch and Release

Sad she couldn't cook with scallops, Jamie hides her teary eyes and, let's face it, feelings from teammate Tiffani.

Last night’s episode of Top Chef lacked a QFC — but it did deliver a double elimination. We checked in with Ed Cotton, Executive Chef at Plein Sud and one-time bee in Angelo’s bonnet, for his thoughts on what proved to be the deadliest catch for two cheftestants.

Thinking back to last week’s EC and this week’s intro, do you think Dale really only cooked 8 plates? Or 20? Or not nearly enough, as is being implied in this ep’s opener? Is Marcel way off base here? Can you — wait, strike that — SHOULD you win the challenge without fulfilling all the obligations of said challenge?

I’m not sure how many plates Dale served; I’m sure he made the proper amount. You always have to make the amount or you are in automatic danger of going home. Maybe he skimped a bit, but whatever he did the judges enjoyed — and that’s what counts. Marcel could be upset with him for a number of different reasons; when you’re in the kitchen and you see someone doing something that you think is shady and then that person wins, you’re going to get pissed. I really don’t know what happened in the kitchen and can’t say Dale cheated or Dale did this or that. So, if he won, he won.

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