Chef Ed Cotton Picks Winner of the Top Chef Finale, Reveals His Last Supper

"I'll make you a deal: If you stop calling me 'Spaetzle Lakshmi,' I'll stop calling you Wolfie."

As we whittle down the cheftestants’ list to just two, Ed Cotton, Executive Chef at Manhattan’s Plein Sud, returns to serve up unique insights on his friends and former co-competitors.

Wolfgang Puck: What does he mean to you? His food? His approach? Have you dined at any of his restos?

It’s great to see Wolfgang Puck! When I was younger, I remember hearing about this chef who cooks for all of these movie stars in L.A and has a popular restaurant named Spago. I would read about his food and his restaurant all the time. I loved his take on pizza in the 90’s. I guess you could say he was the first celebrity chef. I have only been to one of his restaurants, but I loved his take on food and his approach to it. He’s clever and smart!

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Top Chef D.C. Episode 6: (War) Games People Play

Does Gale's refusal to wear red, white, or a blue make her a pinko? The State Department will investigate.
Does Gale's refusal to wear red, white, or a blue make her a pinko? The State Department will investigate.

I watched “Top Chef “up in Anchorage, Alaska, this week, and I realized midway through that, on account of the time difference, I could have gone online to find out who went home without watching. You probably already know that one of my faves, Tamesha, got her walking papers. But, wait, how did it come to this? Judging from what transpired, it was a mix of a bad dish and a bad alliance with the devilish (and devilishly good looking) Angelo.

The QFC…

Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s returns as a guest judge, much to the chagrin of fellow Miamian Andrea (who repeatedly winks at Michelle, making it look like she has a tic), and the ep kicks off with a ridiculous challenge (in the grand tradition of ridiculous QFC challenges). Seriously, is anyone else waiting for a nude challenge? Probably not. Blech. Sorry, I even typed that. Okay, how about a blindfolded cooking challenge? It’s coming. You heard it here first. Anyway, the cheftestants have to cook a winning dish with exotic proteins, including crocodile, rattlesnake, yak, duck testicles (!), and emu eggs, among others. It’s not terribly crazy (excepting Amanda having to open her emu eggs with a hack saw) until about 10 minutes into prep when the chefs are forced to switch places with the person to their left. A lot of folks get hosed by this last-minute prep shift, but some also score as they are able to abandon an undesirable ingredient for an easier one.Continue Reading