Restaurateur Mauro Maccioni of Le Cirque Reveals His Perfect Romantic Meal

Mauro Maccioni would be just as comfortable in a toque as he is in a suit. He is a professionally trained chef!

Mauro Maccioni is restaurant royalty. The son of Sirio Maccioni, the trendsetting Manhattan restaurateur to the stars, Mauro literally grew up in Le Cirque. Deeply passionate bout food and hospitality, Mauro now helps run the family business, which continues to expand beyond the Big Apple — a boon to international diners seeking the singular experience of fine dining, Le Cirque style. 

Do you believe that food can act as an aphrodisiac?

Yes, I believe that food can evoke all kinds of emotions.

Are there any ingredients that you believe possess aphrodisiacal qualities?

Spices that add something extra to dishes; basil is my favorite. It’s very versatile, sweet, and makes you feel refreshed. Kind of like the perfect woman.

 What dishes or drinks that you just find to be downright sexy?

Champagne has and always will be a classically sexy drink in my book.

Is there a particular dish you might suggest to someone romancing a love interest?

I love to cook; I would say the perfect date meal would be filet mignon, with white wine risotto and sautéed mushroom and onions.

Are there any dishes at Le Cirque that you might recommend to diners seeking to set the mood?

Dishes that can be shared and are not too messy are more romantic. We offer a great selection of oysters, or our Trio De Luxe, which comes with smoked salmon, foie gras, and caviar.

This can be a tough question for folks who love food, but is there any food that is un-sexy?

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