Marco Canora

Top Chef Texas Finale: The Paradox of Choice with Chef Ed ‘Hasta La Vista’ Hardy

It’s the final episode of Top Chef Texas and we’re back one last time with Ed Hardy of Red Rooster Harlem to pick over the bones of the show we love to hate. I’m so disgusted with last night that I have but a few questions/remarks. I was hoping that I’d feel funny today. Or angry. But, instead I feel… […]

The Best Restaurant; When to Complain While Dining Out; Dinner Party Like a Pro

Dining and restaurant news… * Is this the best restaurant ever? That depends on how you feel about puppies. [Buzzfeed] * How to throw a dinner party for 50 people like ABC Kitchen‘s Dan Kluger. It’s harder than it looks, no matter what he says. [Bon Appetit] * I can’t believe they didn’t ask him […]

‘The Next Iron Chef’ Episode 1: Chef Marc Forgione Talks Sammies and Slides

Move over, Mad Men. Sunday nights have even more must-see TV for foodies, thanks to the premiere of season 3 of The Next Iron Chef. Competitor Marc Forgione has signed on to help shepherd OpenTable diners through every episode this season, win, lose, or draw (and we’re going to hold you to that, Chef!). We’ll […]