Mad Men

Mad Men Restaurants: Los Angeles Edition

Mad Men‘s seventh and final season kicks off on Sunday. Unlike previous seasons, much of the action will take place in sunny Los Angeles. We’ve talked about where Don Draper and friends have dined and should dine in New York. Now, we’ve rounded up sumptuous suggestions for where we’d like to see the Sterling, Cooper […]

Dining with the Stars: Cindy Crawford at Girl & the Goat in CHI; Mad Men at NYC’s Old Homestead; Drew Barrymore at Spice Table in LA + More

Recent celebrity sightings at restaurants on OpenTable… * Brotherless Joe Jonas grabbed a bite at Ainsworth in Manhattan. [NY Post] * Hilary Duff and her hockey player husband dined at Andrea’s in Las Vegas. [People] * Football player Cam Newton ate at Blue Water Grill in New York’s Union Square. [NY Post] * Hayden Panettiere and Lucy Liu had dinner, separately, at Bond 45 in the […]

On Our Plate: Top Female Chefs; iPad App for Restaurants; Atlanta Hotel Restaurant Week; Poutine; Pete Campbell’s Fave App; Dine Out to Fight AIDS

Happenings on and around OpenTable… * We’re celebrating the release of our new Electronic Reservation Book and iPad app for restaurants. Get all the details! * What app would Pete Campbell use if Mad Men had smartphones? Take one guess! * There are many women making history in restaurant kitchens across the nation. We’ve rounded up 12. […]

On Our Plate: 100 Hottest Restaurants in the U.S.; Ramps Are Here; Austin Restaurant Week; Where Mad Men’s Don Draper Should Dine in Season 5

Happenings on and around OpenTable… * We’re celebrating the 2012 Diners’ Choice Awards for Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants. How many hot spots have you dined at? * Where will Don Draper dine during Mad Men’s fifth season? We take ten guesses. * This week’s restaurant review trend? Ramps! * Do you view the menu before dining at a […]

Mad Men Season 5 Restaurants: Where Should Don Draper Dine in New York?

Like the rest of the free world, I’m beyond excited about the premiere of  Mad Men on Sunday, March 25th. Last year, longing for our favorite faces from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, we rounded up New York City restaurants that Don Draper dined at. Today, we’re wondering where he and the rest of the Mad […]

The New Business Lunch Etiquette: Five Tips for Today’s Foodies

Business lunches have been around since before the days of Don Draper and martinis at 1PM. While the rules used to be a bit more relaxed back then in terms of boozing, business lunches have always had a reputation for being buttoned-up events. However, since we’ve become a nation of foodies, have the rules for […]

‘The Next Iron Chef’ Episode 1: Chef Marc Forgione Talks Sammies and Slides

Move over, Mad Men. Sunday nights have even more must-see TV for foodies, thanks to the premiere of season 3 of The Next Iron Chef. Competitor Marc Forgione has signed on to help shepherd OpenTable diners through every episode this season, win, lose, or draw (and we’re going to hold you to that, Chef!). We’ll […]