Best Pizza in Every State; The New Best Restaurant; Deep Sea Dining; Kid-Free Dining Rooms; Food Raves; Restaurants to Rate Diners, Tell Us How Much to Tip?

The fastest way to a food fight? Ask someone what restaurant makes the best slice of pizza!

* Food raves to replace music raves. Except in Ibiza, I’m sure. [The Telegraph]

* The tipping point. Couldn’t restaurants just tell us what it is? [Freakonomics]

* Are these the best slices of pizza in every state? The debate starts now. [Food Network Magazine]

* Kitchen grow rooms are the new gardens. And, Australian chef Peter Gilmore is setting the trend. [Sydney Morning Herald]

* Kid-free dining rooms less extreme alternative to kid-free dining. A restaurant in Florida has had one for three years. [First Coast News]

* But e-books may make kid-free dining obsolete. Zukka wants to help entertain your kids while you’re eating out. [WSJ]

* Will restaurateurs start rating you? If someone starts a website that lets them do that, probably? [InsideScoopSF]

* There’s no place like NOMA. But you’ll never know that because you will never get a reservation there. [The Independent]

* Deep-sea dining. The world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant is open for business. [Forbes]

* Junk food costs less than good food. Which makes sense when you think about it. [Reuters]

* iPads are replacing printed menus. This makes me sad because printed menus are, um, cool? [AppAdvice]

* Speaking of menus and coolness. They’re so cool that they’ve even warranted their own book. [WSJ]

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