Spotlight on a Spotlight Winner: Congratulations to Nita Losoponkul!

Nita Losoponkul, who has never won anything her life — until now! — won a Spotlight certificate last week for her correct guess at our Los Angeles Secret Spotlight. She’s taking a home $50 of food and drink at Il Forno in Santa Monica. Nita shared some of her favorite restaurants, in LA and beyond, and revealed who she may share the Spotlight with!

OT: What is the name of your hometown?

NL: Roslyn, New York.

OT: What is your favorite food?

NL: Ooh, that’s a hard one! I don’t think there’s anything that I don’t like, but when it comes to cravings, Peruvian (Lomo Saltado)!

OT: Can you name some of your favorite restaurants?

NL: Town’s End (SF), 2117, Upstairs 2, Off Vine.

OT: Who are you taking to dinner with your free Spotlight certificate?

NL: If he behaves, perhaps my boyfriend!

OT: I’m sure he will, after reading this.

Cheers to your win, Nita! Diners, remember to make your guesses and you could be one of our lucky winners in the weeks to come!