Restaurant Lighting: How Low Should It Go?

Dark-restaurant.jpgThere’s nothing worse than a restaurant with extremely bright lighting — except for a restaurant with lighting so low that diners can neither read their menus nor see what’s on their plates. San Francisco Chronicle restaurant reviewer Michael Bauer addresses this very complaint on his blog and fields a clever suggestion from a frustrated reader who is sick of squinting.

I’m comfortable addressing the issue of too-bright lighting with restaurant management if it’s really detracting from a meal. However, I fear sounding like a square if I ask that the lights be turned up. In truth, too, if a restaurant’s lighting is excessively low, it’s probably by deliberate design and my complaints would likely fall on deaf ears.

Low lighting makes everyone and everything look more attractive, but I think we should all be able to read our menus and fully appreciate the appearance of our meals. How about you?