Dining with Dieters; Tips from ‘Allergic Girl’; 10 Best Chefs Ever (?); Food Shows Are Changing Everything Until They — and Heidi Montag — Don’t!

"We have come here to chew bubble gum and ruin reality-restaurant television. And, we're all out of bubble gum."

What’s happening in the dining world…

* Jenny Craig, table for one? Do you love dining with dieters? Neither does writer Patty Canedo. [Half-Baked]

* I don’t watch food shows, but apparently you do. And it’s changing everything about the way we eat. Good job, maybe? [LA Times]

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be on Hell’s Kitchen? Me neither! But only because of that not-watching-food-TV thing (Okay, except for the Top Chef shows, but let’s not split hairs!). Anyway, Jennifer Normant dishes on what it’s like to tango with Chef Ramsay. [Boston Herald]

The revolution will be televised — but maybe not if it goes down in a restaurant. And, you may be able to thank (or not) Heidi Montag and her co-stars on Famous Food (yet another show I will not be watching) for that. [GrubStreet NY]

* From the ‘Not Your GrandFather’s’ files: You know that phrase “This isn’t your father’s…”? Well, this isn’t your father’s 10 best chefs list. Or, even your grandfather’s. It’s actually Raymond Blanc’s, but, really, it may well be his great-great-great grandfather’s, judging by the first few honorees. Unless he has a time machine. (See Careme, Antonin) [Mail Online]

* Blanc’s 10 best chefs list omits, among countless others, Cmdr. Erik Sergienko, who prepares gourmet meals for Marines in Afghanistan, whenever he’s not busy saving their lives. Your move, Blumenthal. [Military Times]

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