Chef Kerry Simon Gives His Signature Junk Food Platter a Romantic Makeover

Add some whimsy to your Valentine's Day with the Junk Food Platter at LA Market Restaurant by Kerry Simon in the City of Angels!

We checked in with Chef Kerry Simon of LA Market Restaurant by Kerry Simon in Los Angeles, California, to see what he was cookin’ up for Valentine’s Day. Turns out Chef Simon has transformed the restaurant’s famed Junk Food Platter into a Valentine’s Day-themed dessert and candy wonderland featuring house-made Hostess-style cupcakes dipped in white chocolate ganache, a strawberry milkshake for two, chocolate covered strawberries, house-made cotton candy, two signature snowballs, and much more. It’s basically heaven on a plate for folks with a serious sweet tooth!

Chef Simon will be hard at work on Valentine’s Day, but when asked with whom he’d spend the day if he did have it off (and had a time machine), he answered, “Julia Child, I would love to pick her brain and try to unlock her secrets. The woman is a genius.”

We’re sure the late, great Ms. Childs would have thought this platter was pretty genius, too! Book a table at LA Market by Kerry Simon to dig into this confection on Valentine’s Day.