John Besh

Top Chef Texas Episode 5: Money Can’t Buy Chef Ed Hardy (and a Few Others) Class

We return with Top Chef: Texas and Ed Hardy of Red Rooster Harlem as we talk turkey (ha!) about this week’s highly quotable episode. My best friend Michele has a theory about why this season stinks. It’s because it followed ‘All Stars’ and we just really all knew and kinda loved — or kinda hated — the folks [...]

Southern Discomfort: Chef Ed Cotton Recaps Top Chef All Stars Episode 11

Stepping away from his kitchen at Manhattan’s Plein Sud restaurant, Executive Chef Ed Cotton, a season 7 Top Chef finalist, sheds some light on the action during last night’s episode of Top Chef All Stars. I saw your Facebook photo of the cassoulet from Plein Sud a few days ago. Love this! I make a [...]