On Our Plate: Dine Around Seattle; Hudson Valley, Long Island + Jersey Shore Restaurant Weeks; The French Laundry Gives Diners a Treat + More

DASHappenings on and around OpenTable…

* Hurricane Sandy struck a little more than a year ago. Find out how Acqua at Peck Slip in New York has fared since being completely flooded.

* Save on tickets to the Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival this weekend. Purchase now to enjoy three fun-filled days.

* Help fight hunger in Boston. Purchase tickets to the Lovin’ Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate Party on November 10.

* Attend Women in Whites: The 2013 James Beard Foundation Gala. The nation’s top female chefs are creating a meal to remember at NYC’s legendary Four Seasons.

* Voting for the Charlie Awards is open. Vote for your Twin Cities’ food favorites and purchase tickets to the ceremony on November 17.

* Trending on recent OpenTable restaurant reviews? Pumpkin.

* Taste MTL has begun. Choose from three courses for three prices — $19, $29, and $39 — in Montreal through November 11.

* Newport Restaurant Week arrived in New England. Don’t miss $16 lunches and $30 dinners, November 1-10.

* Long Island Restaurant Week is on like Donkey Kong. Enjoy three-course dinners for just $27.95 through November 10.

* Cleveland Restaurant Week kicked off today! Click through for three-course $33 dinners, November 4-16.

* Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is here. Make a reservation for three-course $20.95 lunches and $29.95 dinners, November 4-17.

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On Our Plate: Restaurant Weeks in Atlanta, Baltimore, Bethesda, Pittsburgh + More; Plus, James Beard House Reservations

ADRWHappenings on and around OpenTable…

* dineLA concludes today! Make a reservation for $15, $20 or $25 lunches and $25, $35 or $45 dinners.

* Restaurant Week Columbus ends this weekendEnjoy special three-course, prix-fixe meals for $15-$35 to benefit the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, through July 27.

* SJ Hot Chefs Farm to Fork Week is almost over! Order up $25-$25 four-course gourmet dinners at South Jersey’s best restaurants, through July 27.

* Queens Feast Charlotte Restaurant Week draws to a close this weekend. Special three-course meals available, through July 28.

* University City Dining Days are on. Choose from three courses at three prices — $15, $25, or $35 – through August 1.

* Baltimore Restaurant Week is back. Don’t miss $15.13 two-course lunches and $20.13 or $30.13 three-course dinners, through August 4.

* Atlanta Downtown Restaurant Week returns tomorrow. Reserve for $15, $25, and $35 prix-fixe lunches and dinners, through August 4.

* Bethesda-Chevy Chase Restaurant Week begins in just three days. Snap up $12 and $16 lunches and $33 dinners, July 29-August 4.

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The New Business Lunch Etiquette: Five Tips for Today’s Foodies

If Don Draper asks you to lunch, you'll definitely need to reserve in the restaurant's smoking section. In 1965.

Business lunches have been around since before the days of Don Draper and martinis at 1PM. While the rules used to be a bit more relaxed back then in terms of boozing, business lunches have always had a reputation for being buttoned-up events. However, since we’ve become a nation of foodies, have the rules for breaking bread at noon relaxed at all? I checked in with careers and HR executive Liz Ryan to find out.

Ryan, who advises careerists and consults for major companies at Ask Liz Ryan, thinks things have, in fact, relaxed. “Food and drink have become a conversation piece in our culture. Sharing a meal is definitely a way to increase your bond with a business associate.” Ryan shared five tips for making sure you make the most of your next business lunch in the United States of Arugula.

1. Choose carefully. Where you lunch says a lot about you, so select with care. Says Ryan, “It’s a marker if your initial suggestion is the charmless hotel-lobby restaurant and the standard club sandwich. It’s going to change the intimacy level of conversation. Conversely, there are certain restaurants where you have to take off your shoes or eat unfamiliar — or just truly spectacular — food, and that is definitely going to impact the quality of the conversation.” She cautions, “There can be a power segment in an invitation, if one person is suggesting where to eat. To avoid that, always ask, if not where your lunch companion likes to eat but, what she likes to eat to inform your choice.”

2. Booze or lose? Lunch isn’t always as much fun as dinner because most folks don’t usually have a cocktail with it. But what if Mr. or Ms. Influence (the person with the most power or who’s doing you a favor) sits down and orders up a perfect Manhattan? Do you jump on the bandwagon? As long as you normally enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, sure. “Even if you’re just nursing it, you order a drink, so that you’re joining in,” says Ryan. What if the drink just sits there? “What’s the big deal? It’s eight bucks. This is about social finesse,” she notes.

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2009 James Beard Foundation Award Nominees

James Beard Awards

OpenTable congratulates each of The 2009 James Beard Foundation Award nominees. Time magazine called the James Beard Foundation Awards the “Oscars of the food world” – and with good reason. Recognition from the foundation can significantly raise a restaurant’s profile among diners.

The foundation and the awards are named for James Beard, the “dean of American cookery.” One of the country’s first foodies, Beard was a chef, cookbook author, and cooking instructor in his own right as well as a mentor to countless others in the food industry. His Greenwich Village townhouse was a culinary salon of sorts, and its kitchen became one of the birthplaces of American gourmet cooking. After his death in 1985 at the age of 81, the James Beard Foundation was established at his home. A meeting place for America’s food community, the Foundation hosts more than 250 events annually. The first James Beard Foundation Awards for excellence in the food and beverage and related industries were held in 1991, and they have become one of the most coveted honors for chefs, restaurateurs, and others.

Make a reservation today at a nominated restaurant, and share your thoughts on any of these establishments with your fellow OpenTable diners.