Printed Food Coming Soon; Edible Insects; After Dinner at The French Laundry + More News

Dining news from around the world and the web… * Do you want that burger 8 1/2″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″? Pretty soon we’ll be eating printed food. [] * Talk about off-label ingredients. Read no further if you’d rather not know what’s lurking in your food. [The Guardian] * Bugging out. Insects [...]

Cakeage Fees Explained; Licenses Not Music to Restaurant Owners’ Ears; Kids Under 18 Banned at Restaurant; Insects Are Sustainable, But Are They Tasty?

* Cakeage fees are climbing down under. To $10! As you may have guessed, diners aren’t happy. [Sydney Morning Herald] * Please don’t stop the music. Although, it might be cheaper if restaurants did just that. [WRAL] * Tweeting out. How social media is serving restaurants. [Sacramento Press] * Much depends on dinner. Which is [...]