Hurricane Sandy

Post-Sandy Restaurant Recovery Stories: Print Open Continuously, No Internet

Restaurant Name: Print Location:  Hell’s Kitchen in New York Years in Business: Three Status: Open for business, has phone service, but no Internet access. Damage: None. Losses: None. The restaurant hasn’t closed for a single meal period before, during, or after the storm. Owner: Adam Block Prior to Sandy, had you ever had to deal [...]

Post-Sandy Restaurant Recovery Resources from NYC Hospitality Alliance

As New York City restaurants deal with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, they may find themselves overwhelmed by the many steps they need to take to get and keep their doors open. Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, and his team have put together a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute recovery resource [...]

Post-Sandy Restaurant Recovery Stories: Porter House New York Fully Operational

Restaurant: Porter House New York Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York Years in Business: Six Status: Open, no internet access. Damage: None. Losses: Two days of service. General Manager: Chris Miller Prior to Sandy, had you ever had to deal with a disaster situation at this or any restaurant? I was in Hurricane Katrina. Wow. So, how did [...]

Post-Sandy Restaurant Recovery Stories: Acqua in Lower NYC Flooded, Rebuilding

Restaurant Name: Acqua at Peck Slip Location: Lower Manhattan, New York Years in Business: Seven Status: Closed and actively working to reopen by November 20, 2012. Damage: Major flooding and property damage. Losses: Possibly 30 days of service; loss of most equipment and food Manager: Daria Spieler Prior to Sandy, had you ever had to [...]

Post-Sandy Restaurant Recovery Stories: Vitae in Huntington Open for Business

Restaurant Name: Vitae Location: Huntington, New York Years in business: A little over a year and a half. Status: Open for business; no telephone or internet service. Damage: None. Losses: A day of service, food loss. Owner: John Estevez Prior to Sandy, had you ever had to deal with a disaster situation at this or [...]

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts: No Restaurant Left Behind (or Why Dining out Post-Disaster Matters)

Like many millions of people, I lost power on Monday evening. Tuesday evening, by candlelight, I whipped up a fierce batch of risotto with local-caught clams that I had in my quickly losing-its-chill refrigerator. By Wednesday, though, nothing in our fridge was safe for consumption. And the thought of spending another night sitting in the [...]

East Coast Restaurants Re-Opening: Show Your Neighborhood Favorites Support!

Hurricane Sandy has left a great deal of damage in its wake, but all that rain and wind aren’t dampening restaurateurs efforts to re-open their establishments. The best way you can help your local favorites is to drop in and dine. Even those without power –or a phone — may be open for business. Barbuto, [...]