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Reinterpretations of Childhood Faves; Moto Miracle Berry; Dutch Cuisine + More

* Kidding around. Chefs are reinterpreting childhood faves to appeal to your inner child. [HuffPost] * Burning up. Wood-burning ovens are all the rage — and also unpredictable. [] * Talk the talk. There’s a new dictionary just for diners. [NY Times] * It’s a miracle. No, really. Homaru Cantu of moto and iNG in Chicago talks about the miracle [...]

Titanic Menu up for Auction; Restaurant Critic Reveals His Identity; What Food Woolf Eats to Fuel Up; Charlie Trotter’s Thoughtful Future; Sommeliers as Stars

Dining and food news… * Steak your claim. Ladies, if you’re in the UK on February 29th, pop the question with a steak. Literally. [NewsLite] * Iceberg lettuce, right ahead. A menu from the ill-fated Titanic is up for auction. [] * When cigarettes were on the menu. Did the notice read, “The consumption of cigarettes may [...]