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Gluten-Free Dining; Gwyneth to Open Eatery; Standing-Room Only Restaurants + More News

Dining news from around the world and the web… * There and back again. Return migration is boosting restaurant culture in the Rust Belt and beyond. [Pacific Standard] * Think gluten-free is just a trend? Think again. New York’s Del Posto restaurant now offers gluten-free versions of its famed pastas. [Gothamist] * What to eat when [...]

Dining with the Stars: Cindy Crawford at Girl & the Goat in CHI; Mad Men at NYC’s Old Homestead; Drew Barrymore at Spice Table in LA + More

Recent celebrity sightings at restaurants on OpenTable… * Brotherless Joe Jonas grabbed a bite at Ainsworth in Manhattan. [NY Post] * Hilary Duff and her hockey player husband dined at Andrea’s in Las Vegas. [People] * Football player Cam Newton ate at Blue Water Grill in New York’s Union Square. [NY Post] * Hayden Panettiere and Lucy Liu had dinner, separately, at Bond 45 in the [...]

Are Ed Westwick and Gwyneth Paltrow Stars You Don’t Want to Dine With?

Fame buys a lot of things — but, according to The Frisky, manners may not be one of them. The Frisky’s got a round-up of stars, including Ed Westwick and Gwyneth Paltrow, behaving badly when they dine out. Is Madonna a bad tipper? Can Dennis Rodman hold his liquor? Find out in this article that’s [...]