Tweet of the Week: Special Request Makes a Birthday Dinner Special on the Sly

OpenTable diner Alex Kuczynski (No, not that one!) recently helped her lovely mother celebrate a birthday at Nota Bene restaurant in Toronto. The wonderful waitstaff there noted Alex’s Special Request for the Maitre D and made mom’s special day a bit more special. PS: Alex, please wish her a happy belated birthday from everyone at OpenTable!


Forest Dining Is In; Gawker Wants Your Kitchen Nightmares; Best Restaurants in Rome; Most ‘Offal’ Ingredients Ever; Seventies Food Was Better(!)

"We've been forest dining long before it was trendy. You know, back when folks just called it camping."

* Reality bites. Gawker wants your true-life kitchen nightmare stories. [Gawker]

* Into the woods. Forest dining is the next big thing. If you live near a forest, that is. If not, the next big thing will probably be something else. [Metro]

* Rome if you want to. These are the 10 best restaurants in Rome, according to Diane Seed. [The Guardian]

* From the “Strike that. Reverse it.” files: Delia Smith says food in the U.K. was better in the 1970s. I can only assume she’s kidding. Or that she hasn’t eaten since the seventies? [Daily Mail]

* Truth in headlines: The world’s weirdest restaurants really are weird. [NY Daily News]

* Is it a sign that food writers are running out of content if they’re writing stories about chefs’ wives? Perhaps, but since this story’s wife is Liz Symon, a partner in hubby Michael’s ventures, I’ll let it slide. [GourmetLive]

* Pig’s lung, sow’s udder, and whale’s liver, oh my! Yep, this is the most offal cookbook ever. [Daily Mail]

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