Gael Greene

Well-Reviewed: Recent Reviews of OpenTable Restaurants

OpenTable restaurant reviews in the news… * Atlanta’s Alma Cocina displays “a carefully wrought tastefulness that always let you know you’re in a nice restaurant.” [Atlanta Journal Constitution] * Cinghiale in Baltimore “reaches its prime.” [Baltimore Sun] * At Diva at the Met in Vancouver “art and science create lusty dining.” [Vancouver Sun] * Gael Greene is already plotting her […]

Gael Greene’s 12 Reasons to Eat out Now

Renowned restaurant critic (and one of the first folks to coin the term “foodie”) Gael Greene is, obviously, a fan of dining out and an ardent supporter of the restaurant industry. Acknowledging the recently more-limited budgets of her New York cohorts, she gives diners 12 cheeky reasons to reserve a table at the city’s pricier […]