Well-Reviewed: Recent Reviews of OpenTable Restaurants

Wolfgang Puck's latest restaurant in Los Angeles is another winner!

OpenTable restaurant reviews in the news…

* Atlanta’s Alma Cocina displays “a carefully wrought tastefulness that always let you know you’re in a nice restaurant.” [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Cinghiale in Baltimore “reaches its prime.” [Baltimore Sun]

* At Diva at the Met in Vancouver “art and science create lusty dining.” [Vancouver Sun]

* Gael Greene is already plotting her return to New York’s Empellón Cocina. [Insatiable Critic]

* Farmstead in California’s wine country “is beginning to fulfill its promise.” [SF Gate]

* Jungsik in Manhattan “reinterprets Korean cuisine.” [New York Times]

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles “gives the hotel a serious restaurant and the chef an ideal California spot.” [Los Angeles Times]

Bauer’s Star Strategy, Sifton’s Music, and the Arguments For and Against Critics

* New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton makes a lot of musical references. [Eater]

* Also, he doesn’t mean to be a (unprintable word). [Grub Street NY]

* Frank Bruni discusses his life as a regular citizen. [Food and Wine, Part I and Part II]

* In case you were wondering what critic Gael Greene loves and where she eats (and you know you were JUST wondering those very things), wonder no more. [Insatiable Critic]

* Speaking of critics, what are they good for? [The Atlantic]

* Something? [SF Weekly]

* Nothing? [Dallas News]

* Meanwhile, Chronicle critic Michael Bauer explains how he awards stars. [InsideScoopSF]

* …but, apparently, no one really cares. [Modern Luxury]

Gael Greene’s 12 Reasons to Eat out Now

Renowned restaurant critic (and one of the first folks to coin the term “foodie”) Gael Greene is, obviously, a fan of dining out and an ardent supporter of the restaurant industry. Acknowledging the recently more-limited budgets of her New York cohorts, she gives diners 12 cheeky reasons to reserve a table at the city’s pricier temples of gastronomy. With all due respect, I’ll add one of my own: 13. It’s fun!