Enter to Win the OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway!

With this year's 'My Foodie Valentine' giveaway, we're celebrating the greatest love of all -- the love of food and fine dining!

We want to make Valentine’s Day even more delicious for you and yours, with the OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway! To enter, share a fun photo of you and your favorite foodie on the OpenTable Flickr group for a chance to win one of five $200 AMEX or Capital One gift cards we’ll be giving away every day for five days, starting Monday, February 6, 2012, through Friday, February 10, 2012.

Consider the ‘My Foodie Valentine’ giveaway a tasty way to fete the person with whom you most like to dine! If you don’t have a picture of you with your fave grub-bud, snap one and upload it to the group using the Flickr mobile app! If you live miles apart, get creative with Photoshop! Just remember to keep your photos suitable for public consumption (After all, we don’t want to ruin anyone’s appetite!).

Be sure to check the email address associated with your Flickr account every day no later than 5:00PM PST so we can award your prize quickly. We’ll also ask you to share your photo with us for the Dining Check blog.

Click ‘Read the rest of this entry’ for the full terms and conditions. And, don’t forget to reserve a table for you and your favorite foodie on Valentine’s Day!

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The Future of Foodservice; How to Meet the POTUS; Seafood DNA Tagged at Your Table; White Truffles Shuffle Menus; Mean-Spirited Reviews Make Chefs Sad

"For the record, only Padma can tell me to pack my knives and go, Alex!"

Dining and restaurant news…

* Do you want to know the future of foodservice in the U.S. through the next three years? I do, but it’ll cost $3,200 to find out. Instead, I’ll just assume it involves bacon, heirloom vegetables, ice cream, mixology, and offal, just like it has for the last three years. [Sacramento Bee]

* How to meet the President of the United States. Marry a famous chef and join the kitchen staff for a night when he hosts a fundraiser at his restaurant. [The National Post]

* From the not-at-all-99% files. Chefs are drooling over super-spendy white truffles. [TheStreet.com]

* When words hurt like fists. Online reviews cut deep when it comes to chefs’ egos and hearts. [Hartford Courant]

* Scanning your seafood. DNA bar codes are coming to a restaurant near you, to ensure that the fish you ordered is the fish you’re actually eating. [PopSci]

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Meet The Mother of All Foodies: Congratulations, Sherry O’Neil!

Congratulations to Sherry O'Neil, The Mother of All Foodies!

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to Sherry O’Neil, an IT audit manager from Dallas, Texas, who won OpenTable’s The Mother of All Foodies Giveaway — and a whopping 100,000 OpenTable Dining Rewards Points! An IT audit manager by day and a foodie photographer by night (and, probably day, too, if you consider breakfast and lunch!), Sherry talked to us about her win and her passion for food and dining.

Sherry, congratulations on winning the title of The Mother of All Foodies. What prompted you to enter, and how does it feel to win?

I saw a post about this contest on a friend’s Facebook wall, and when I started reading the questions (“Does going out mean dining out? Do you tweet what you eat? Do you have a taste for tasting menus?”), I knew that this contest was made for me!  After taking pictures of my food for 11 years, it feels awesome to finally have it pay off!!!

Eleven years of documenting food is impressive (and way ahead of the curve, girl!). How long have you been a foodie?

I have always loved food, but I probably became a serious foodie once I was out of college and started traveling for work and dining at nice restaurants on the company’s dime in the U.S. and abroad.

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