Dining Trends for 2010: Next Year’s Menus Will Feature Feel-Good Food

2010-Dining-TrendsIt’s hard to predict every dining trend that takes hold in restaurants around the nation, but Restaurants & Institutions magazine has come up with a list of things you’re sure to spot on menus in the upcoming year. You may already have seen a lot of these movements and trends gaining momentum in your neck of the woods, but you can expect them to become far more ubiquitous at restaurants in big and small cities and towns in the U.S.

Things to expect include affordable comfort food (think Mom’s pot roast), Asian-Latin fusion (see truck, Kogi), bigger beer menus, old-school desserts (Retro root beer float, anyone?), eggs in everything, vegetables as entrées, fried chicken (make room, Colonel Sanders), environmentally efficient restaurants, local liquors (like LiV Vodka), wheat-free foods (Take that, Celiac!), and more chefs and restaurateurs embracing the Little House on the Prairie lifestyle at their establishments (i.e., pickling, curing, smoking, and canning products in-house).

Read the full list here, and tell us what you think we’ll see more of at restaurants in the next year — and decade — here or on Facebook.