Food allergies

Adria’s Brand Goes to the Dogs; A Star Chef, Defined; Restaurant Design Nominees + More

Dining news from around the world and the web… * Viva Las Vegas! Celebrity chefs are heading back to Sin City once again. [USA Today] * Looks count. Here are the 2013 Restaurant Design Awards nominees. [Los Angeles Times] * Food allergies are nothing to sneeze at. An expert offers some know-before-you-go tips to avoid allergic reactions at a restaurant. […]

EpiPens on Every Menu; Bartender vs. Mixologist; Restaurant Traffic Is Up; + More

Dining news from around the world and the web… * Don’t mix up a bartender with a mixologist. One professional reveals why he prefers to be known as the former not the latter. [] * An EpiPen in every restaurant. One city is taking measures to make dining out safe for food allergy sufferers. [The Spec] * […]

App for Dining with Allergies; Bad Food Trends; Five Diamond Restaurants + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * Worried about food allergies when dining out? There’s an app for that. [PC News] * Age matters. When it comes to visiting restaurants, anyway. Older folks eat out more than young adults. [Consumerist] * Five bad food trends. Courtesy of the curmudgeonly Josh Ozersky. […]

Therapy for Peanut Allergies; Baby-Chef Names; PC as Personal Chef + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * This sounds nutty. A new supervised therapy could help increase peanut-allergy sufferers’ tolerance to this groundnut. [Village Voice] * Chef Hal 9000 at your service. In a few years, a computer could be your personal chef. [] * Win at wining and dining. Tips to […]

Trash on the Tasting Menu; $2K Dish of Pasta; Deceptive Calorie Counts + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * One man’s trash is another man’s tasting menu. Ingredients that would have wound up on the compost heap are being heaped onto diners’ plates. [Washington Post] * A pasta dish that’s seriously rich. And at $2,000 a plate, it ought to be. [NYPost] […]

Best Fried Chicken; Dining Out with Food Allergies; Mobile Phone Etiquette in Restaurants; Ways to Reduce Your Tab; Cooking Grease as Commodity

Dining and food news… * Nothing to sneeze at. Food allergies can make dining out pretty perilous. [Washington Post] * Cluck thru. For a slideshow of the best fried chicken in the U.S. [Food and Wine] * Table for 20? Dining out on Thanksgiving is in. [Sacramento Bee] * E.T. phone home. But not if […]

Diners with Food Allergies Put Chefs to the Test; Bartending Behind Closed Doors in Utah; Memphis Wants to Be the New New Orleans; Ozersky on Food Criticism

Dining and restaurant news from around the web… * Chefs developing allergies to diner allergies. When you’re handed a laminated card, is it time to 86 diners who could die by your hand? [InsideScoop SF] * Hey! You’ve got to hide your booze away. Utah’s liquor laws make it difficult for restaurant operators to tend […]

Dining with Dieters; Tips from ‘Allergic Girl'; 10 Best Chefs Ever (?); Food Shows Are Changing Everything Until They — and Heidi Montag — Don’t!

What’s happening in the dining world… * Jenny Craig, table for one? Do you love dining with dieters? Neither does writer Patty Canedo. [Half-Baked] * I don’t watch food shows, but apparently you do. And it’s changing everything about the way we eat. Good job, maybe? [LA Times] * Did you ever wonder what it’s like […]