Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Meyer Lemon

These preserved Meyer lemons seriously make everything taste better!

When I was at my local Fairway this winter, I was overcome by Meyer lemon madness. I purchased dozens — repeatedly. A winter citrus, you can extend the season by preserving them, which is precisely what I did — repeatedly — using Eugenia Bone’s easypeasy recipe. I have been using them in virtually everything we cook at home (White clam pizza! Linguine and clam sauce! Roasted broccoli! Brussels sprouts! You get the idea.) Restaurants have also been making the most of this delicious fruit, using them in recipes both sweet and savory, to the delight of diners. 

Blue Fin, New York, New York: “Meyer lemon tart was to die for!”

Bouchon, Yountville, California: “I had the most delicious seared scallops with a meyer lemon oil. Also a great glass of Gentlemen Farmer’s Cab Franc — the owners of the vineyard were sitting next to us and shared the bottle. Great news that it is on the wine list also!”

Chez Panisse Cafe, Berkeley, California: “The Meyer lemon spritzer was better than wine!”

Domaine Chandon étoile, Yountville, California: “We had the four course tasting menu. My crab appetizer was scrumptious, and my husband adored his tuna. We both had the diver scallops — delicious. Then I had the duck for a main course and my husband had the lobster and veal. Both were outstanding. For dessert he had creme brûlée, and I had a marvelously delicate Meyer lemon mousse.”

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Top Chef Texas Episode 11: Chef Ed ‘Red’ Hardy on the Snow White Redemption

In between shooting, Padma entertains the crew with her version of The Bump.

He’s ready to get busy living, but we’re dying for him to rehash the latest episode of Top Chef: Texas with Ed Hardy of Red Rooster Harlem.

Everyone looks mad that Bev won. Yeesh! The boys look dejected. And who knows what awaits them in San Antonio! This show is relentless.

Relentless? Yes. It relentlessly shovels the same formula at us overand over again. I caught myself counting the remaining episodes this week like a prisoner waiting for his release. At Top Chef-Shank Prison, time can draw out like a blade. I’ve spent some long nights, but none longer than this.

Chris J. is amazed he hasn’t won, and I’m amazed he hasn’t gone home yet.

Yeah. It’s seems like he’d better get busy cooking, or get busy dyin’. I hope before he goes home he at least redeems himself a little.

Eric Ripert is waiting for them. I think I’d be shaking in my shoes and praying that I didn’t have to cook anything involving seafood!

Well, it’s the 27th episode of the season so it was about time that Chef/Prisoner Guard Eric Ripert showed up to survey all the “new fish.” He’s intimidating, but I know from firsthand experience that he’s actually a nice guy all the way to his delicious nougat core.

A conveyor belt challenge. Zoinks! I’m picturing Lucy and Ethel and the chocolate factory. I’m thinking people should wait for a great ingredient. Anyway, what basics are you grabbing for your basic mis en place before you take an ingredient?Continue Reading