On Our Plate: Restaurant Weeks in Dallas, Tampa Bay, Raleigh + Vegas; Food Shaming + More

Happenings on and around OpenTable… * We’re tuning in to the newest season of Top Chef. Find out which restaurants the newest batch of cheftestants hails from. * Has anyone ever food-shamed you for how you like a particular dish? Shame on them! * New York City Restaurant Week continues. Three-course $25 lunches and $38 dinners through [...]

Diners Gone Wild; Trends from the NRA; Soylent Green vs. Soylent + More News

Dining news from around the world and the web… * What diners want. Emerging trends at the National Restaurant Association show, revealed. [Crain's] * Soylent green is people. But Soylent is a sustainable soy product that could be the key to ending world hunger. [Business Week] * Desserts that should be deserted. One pastry chef [...]

Celebs + Their Chef Doppelgangers; Classic Restaurant Signs; Fine Dining Rules + More News

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * Do this, not that. 15 rules for fine dining. [Business Insider] * Separated at birth. The celebrity and celebrity chef edition. [E! Online] * Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is coming to New York. Depending on where you live, this may be cheaper than [...]

Best Fried Chicken; Dining Out with Food Allergies; Mobile Phone Etiquette in Restaurants; Ways to Reduce Your Tab; Cooking Grease as Commodity

Dining and food news… * Nothing to sneeze at. Food allergies can make dining out pretty perilous. [Washington Post] * Cluck thru. For a slideshow of the best fried chicken in the U.S. [Food and Wine] * Table for 20? Dining out on Thanksgiving is in. [Sacramento Bee] * E.T. phone home. But not if [...]