Chef Ed Cotton Talks Top Chef, Target and Elmo

Best. Guest. Judges. Ever.

Some of our favorite contestants are fading fast as the all-star season of Top Chef winds down. Plein Sud Executive Chef Ed Cotton, a season 7 finalist, checks in with OpenTable again to dish on last night’s action.

Hey, Ed! So, we’ve got some friends here from the street. Sesame Street, that is. Who is your favorite muppet?

My favorite muppet is Ernie. I’m not sure why, but I thought he was cool. He used to collect bottle caps, and as a kid I would go around looking for bottle caps just like him. When I would come home with some, my mother would tell me they were “dirty” and to “stop picking things up off the ground.” So my bottle cap collection did not go that far.

Well, mother knows best! I love a perfect oatmeal cookie — but the best cookie I make is actually a ginger snap! What’s your favorite cookie to eat — and what’s the best cookie you make?

I don’t eat a lot of cookies or sweets, but I do like sugar cookies, once in a blue moon.  The best cookies I ever made were the ones that come from a box that are pre-made and frozen. If you saw my pastry skills on Top Chef when I was in the finale? Not the best display.

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