Spotlight on a Spotlight Winner: Congratulations to Kaci Griffin!

Kaci Griffin (OpenTable’s No. 1 Fan! No, really. She said so herself!), won a Spotlight certificate last week for her correct guess at our Philadelphia Secret Spotlight. She’s taking a home $50 of food and drink at Panini’s Trattoria. We checked in with Kaci to find out what some of her favorite Philly restaurants are and who she’ll share the Spotlight with!

OT: What is the name of your hometown?

KG: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

OT: What is your favorite food?

KG: My favorite foods are seafood and sushi!

OT: Can you name some of your favorite restaurants?

KG: Wow! Favorite restaurants. Well, one is Panini’s Trattoria. Also, Chifa, Devon, and Buddakhan. I have a lot of favorites! Oh, yes, all of Stephen Starr restaurants, too, especially El Vez.

OT: Who are you taking to dinner with your free Spotlight certificate?

KG: The special person in my life will dine with me.

OT: Well, since you’re our #1 fan, maybe that means someone from OpenTable. I call dibs!

Kudos to you, Kaci. And, remember to make your guesses and you could be one of our lucky winners in the weeks to come!