Spotlight on a Spotlight Winner: Congratulations, Doug Downing!

Would Third Rock from the Sunny Side Up Eggs be on the menu at The French Stewart Laundry? One can only wonder.

Doug Downing won a Spotlight certificate recently for his #celebrestaurants pun, which was, by the by,” The French Stewart Laundry.” He’s taking home a Spotlight offer for his efforts. Doug was kind enough to indulge our questions.

OT: Which do you like more, French Stewart or The French Laundry?

DD: While French Stewart was great on Third Rock from the Sun, I think The French Laundry wins out here.

OT: What is the name of your hometown?

DD: San Diego.

OT: What is your favorite food?

DD: Fish tacos. If you have not had them here, you have not had them at all.

OT: Can you name some of your favorite restaurants?

DD: Grant Grill, Searsucker, BICE, and CUCINA Urbana are my local go-to places.

OT: Who are you taking to dinner with your free Spotlight certificate?

DD: My wife as she is the one who rescued me from TGIFriday’s and Chili’s.

OT: Talk about marrying up. I’d say you owe her a meal at The French Laundry for that save!

Congrats again, Doug!