Don Draper

Mad Men Season 5 Restaurants: Where Should Don Draper Dine in New York?

Like the rest of the free world, I’m beyond excited about the premiere of  Mad Men on Sunday, March 25th. Last year, longing for our favorite faces from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, we rounded up New York City restaurants that Don Draper dined at. Today, we’re wondering where he and the rest of the Mad [...]

Mad Men Restaurants: 10 Places Don Draper Dined in New York — and You Can, Too!

Maybe it’s the impending arrival of July. Or perhaps it’s the recent arrival of a hard-won set of vintage Toots Shor’s glasses that showed up at my home yesterday. I can’t quite tell, but both leave me missing Mad Men. Television’s most stylish show typically returns each July, but, as we all know, negotiations between [...]