Tweet of the Week: 1,000-Point Reservations Help You Earn Free Meals Faster!

Do you love Dining Rewards Points like Lisa Gartland does? Then, take a lesson from her and start booking 1,000-point restaurant reservations on OpenTable! Available at a select set of restaurants during specific time frames, bonus-point reservations can be booked using the special 1,000-point links that appear on our website! And, they help you earn free meals, via OpenTable Dining Cheques, faster! Thanks for the tweet, @lisamgartland — and enjoy your next Dining Cheque.


Tweet of the Week: Dining Rewards Redemption Song or Bittersweet Symphony?

We hear you, morningoatmeal. We like to gaze at our accumulated Dining Rewards Points and feel, well, smug (if we’re being honest). But, more than point-gazing, we like free meals, so we’re never terribly torn about clicking the ‘Redeem my points’ tab. Enjoy your Dining Check — and, remember, you can earn free meals faster with 1,000-point reservations!