Dining out

What the Aughts Wrought: Terrible Trends in Dining?

The Chicago Tribune has tongues wagging over their recent list of the “10 Worst Dining Trends of the Last Decade.” Industry heavyweights weigh in, including David Chang of Momofuku fame and Epicurious.com‘s Tanya Steele. Dissed and dismissed are trios of sliders, molecular gastronomy, and communal tables, among others. Everyone’s entitled to her or his opinion [...]

Need a Reason to Dine out?

At OpenTable, as you may have guessed, we’re all about restaurants and dining out. You may be feeling a bit more budget-conscious this year, but don’t forget to show your local restaurants some love. As New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni points out, if you don’t support your favorites today, they may not be [...]