Have your Pancake and Eat It, Too: 12 Acceptable Ways to Eat Dessert for Breakfast

Order a slab of layer cake or a hot fudge sundae for breakfast and garner more than a few raised eyebrows, but ask for an equally indulgent tiramisu or bananas foster in the form of your typical brunch fare and suddenly it’s totally fair game. “You want the crème brûlée? What kind of … oh, the crème brûlée waffles. Excellent choice!” This weekend, gather with friends for an unhurried morning meal and treat yourself to a sweet plate that practically comes with a certificate for one free nap afterward. These decadent dishes go beyond the usual waffles, pancakes, and french toast for a distinctly dessert-like take on brunch. Live the dream and order dessert for breakfast!

The Little Lion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This Old City eatery named after Alexander Hamilton reinvents a Southern dessert favorite with an unforgettable breakfast feast. For their Red Velvet French Toast, a cheesecake spread is sandwiched between layers of chocolatey bread and comes with a side of raspberry maple syrup for dipping or drenching. Our founding fathers would be duly impressed. Make a reservation at The Little Lion.

Dessert for Breakfast

Max Brenner, Boston Massachusetts
At this chocolate lover’s mecca, there’s an entire section of the menu dedicated to a sweet brunch. You’ll find treats like White Chocolate Cream French Toast, Illegal Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes, and the aptly named After Party Belgian Waffles. Two hot waffles are the backdrop for balsamic strawberries, strawberry honey, melted white chocolate, and a healthy (sized) scoop of whipped cream. Take a cue from the name and order these after a late Saturday night — chocolate is a surprisingly powerful cure-all. Make a reservation at Max Brenner.

Dessert for Breakfast

La Sirena, New York, New York
The fluffy Amaretti Mascarpone Pancakes at Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s newest Italian restaurant — their first to serve breakfast — have actual amaretto cookies shaved on top for a nicely sweet, nutty flavor. What’s the opposite of a short stack? We’ll have that, per favore. Make a reservation at La Sirena.

Dessert for Breakfast

Proof on Main, Louisville, Kentucky
This isn’t your grandmother’s casserole. Unless, of course, your grandmother’s recipe calls for liberal scoops of nutella and marshmallow. At this airy, art-filled space inside Louisville’s 21c Museum Hotel, chef Mike Wajda makes a French Toast Casserole with everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, marshmallow fluff, and a hazelnut crunch for an indulgent spin on the classic breakfast staple. Make a reservation at Proof on Main.

Dessert for Breakfast

Siena Tavern, Chicago, Illinois
In an effort to incorporate the restaurant’s beloved Tiramisu on the brunch menu at chef Fabio Viviani’s bustling Italian eatery, pastry chef Amy Arnold dreamed up the Tiramisu French Toast. With espresso-soaked brioche, marsala cream, and white chocolate, chef Arnold describes it as “your morning coffee and a day’s worth of dessert all wrapped up into breakfast.” Translation: there’s coffee in here, so it’s the perfect way to kick start your day. Make a reservation at Siena Tavern.

Dessert for Breakfast

Avenue Kitchen, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
This stylish, sunny bistro takes the best part of the quintessential French dessert — the entire thing — and places it atop a perfectly fluffy Belgian waffle. Chef Gregory Smith whips up a vanilla bean crème brûlée, then torches the sugary top to create the signature crisp, caramelized coating. Custard fills the pressed pockets, and with every decadent bite you’ll wonder why all French restaurants don’t offer their crème brûlée on a waffle. Make a reservation at Avenue Kitchen.

Dessert for Breakfast

Isla, Austin, Texas
Austin’s own Caribbean cantina serves up a sweet island-inspired brunch, complete with Bananas Foster French Toast. Chef de cuisine Alex Hughes explains, “Who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast? Ever since I was young, bananas foster has been a go-to for me. Now everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds.” To recreate the classic dessert, chef Hughes uses housemade brioche, sliced bananas, and Pilar rum caramel sauce. Paired with one of Isla’s signature brunch cocktails (the Goodie Goodie Rumdrop, perhaps?), it’s a recipe for a carefree, breezy kind of Sunday. Make a reservation at Isla.

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Wacky Waffles: 10 Surprising Sweet + Savory Takes on the Brunch Bestseller #WaffleWednesdays

L’eggo your Eggos. Waffles just got a whole lot more interesting. Chefs are transforming the triangular breakfast staples into dishes worthy of dinner and dessert. Some of are sweet, some are savory, and all of them will make you do a double-take. Here are 10 wacky waffles that you won’t find at your local Waffle House.

MAX’s Wine Dive, Austin, Texas
Executive chef Mason Rodgers clearly doesn’t believe in restraint. A cheddar and bacon-enriched potato waffle comes topped with both a chicken fried lobster tail and porcini rubbed filet mignon. It gets a ladle full of green chili gravy for good measure. Make a reservation at MAX’s Wine Dive.


Kapnos, Washington, D.C.
Your caffeination routine just got waffle-ized. Greek coffee amps up these tasty triangles. They’re capped with buzz-boosting chocolate-covered espresso beans, cinnamon butter, and sour cream-style crema. If that’s not enough of a pick me up, you can always order a coffee spiked with becherovka liqueur. Make a reservation at Kapnos.


Yona, Arlington, Virginia
A pair of waffles comes decked out with Greek style taramasalata, roe, and briny tongues of uni. Chef Jonah Kim calls the dish “upscale stoner food.” We aren’t going to argue with him and will make sure to prepare accordingly. Make a reservation at Yona.


Abigaile, Hermosa Beach, California
Who needs buns? This bacon burger with a bonus egg uses waffles instead of brioche. It’s the star of the Twenty Spot Munchie Box, which comes with fries and tots drizzled with whiz-style cheese and a Mexican Coke float. Make a reservation at Abigaile.


Avenue Kitchen, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
Crème brûlée, now in waffle form. We love cracking through the scorched sugar crust into the layer of custard, which fills the crags of the griddled round. So you feel marginally better about eating dessert for breakfast, they’re topped off with fresh berries. Make a reservation at Avenue Kitchen.

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Chef Kerry Simon Gives His Signature Junk Food Platter a Romantic Makeover

Add some whimsy to your Valentine's Day with the Junk Food Platter at LA Market Restaurant by Kerry Simon in the City of Angels!

We checked in with Chef Kerry Simon of LA Market Restaurant by Kerry Simon in Los Angeles, California, to see what he was cookin’ up for Valentine’s Day. Turns out Chef Simon has transformed the restaurant’s famed Junk Food Platter into a Valentine’s Day-themed dessert and candy wonderland featuring house-made Hostess-style cupcakes dipped in white chocolate ganache, a strawberry milkshake for two, chocolate covered strawberries, house-made cotton candy, two signature snowballs, and much more. It’s basically heaven on a plate for folks with a serious sweet tooth!

Chef Simon will be hard at work on Valentine’s Day, but when asked with whom he’d spend the day if he did have it off (and had a time machine), he answered, “Julia Child, I would love to pick her brain and try to unlock her secrets. The woman is a genius.”

We’re sure the late, great Ms. Childs would have thought this platter was pretty genius, too! Book a table at LA Market by Kerry Simon to dig into this confection on Valentine’s Day.


Dining Poll: Pick Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie!

While pie has never really fallen out of fashion, it’s definitely enjoying a bit more popularity these days. And, pie has become almost as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey, if you think about it. So, we’re wondering…what kind of pie are you dying to dig into on Thursday?