No Reservations about No-Show Charges

amex.jpgThe folks over at Serious Eats have been debating whether or not it’s fair for restaurants to charge diners for no-shows. Most Serious Eaters don’t have an issue with such a policy as long as the restaurant is flexible and fair with diners, understanding the difference between extenuating circumstances and an out-and-out no-show.

While some OpenTable establishments require a credit card to hold a table, most do not. I will admit that the first time I ran across such a request, I started to picture worst-case scenarios (getting mowed down by a cab and winding up in St. Vincent’s emergency room with a cast on my leg and a no-show fee on my charge card). However, my wild desire to dine at this particular restaurant beat out my wild imagination, and I don’t even think twice about leaving a credit card number anymore.

Do you feel comfortable securing a reservation with a credit card – or do you look for another open table at a restaurant that doesn’t ask for one?