Little Gem: What It Means to Eat in a Modern California Eatery

Little Gem

“It’s a pretty wonderful mix,” says Eric Lilavois, owner of Little Gem in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. “We had a couple come in last night and I think that they were fresh out of yoga and they asked, ‘Are we underdressed?’ And I said, ‘No, of course not.’”

Little Gem, a counter-service restaurant in origin that opened to countless accolades and a standing feature in Eater’s 38, has decided to open its doors to OpenTable reservations each evening. Opened by two alums of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, the restaurant certainly has fine dining in its pedigree – but the intent was always to elevate the experience of what it means to dine in a casual environment like the one where a post-yoga salad lives side-by-side a romantic Friday evening for two.

When asked how The French Laundry legacy has informed their new approach, Lilavois points to the core of it all: “The heart of hospitality, where there was such great emphasis on care and detail with everything that we did.” In their new project, where everything from all day café-style dining to now seated dinner for any level of occasion is on offer, “it’s that very same sense of caring, attention to detail, and awareness that we apply in a deeply casual way.”

Little Gem

Whether delicate lettuces with expertly poached chicken or divine salmon tartare are your thing or you’re simply craving a fried egg-topped bibimbap with heirloom brown rice, the restaurant’s gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free ethos make it the perfect place to indulge in just about any mild to serious craving (regardless of your dietary restrictions.) But it’s so much more than health food on the menu.Continue Reading

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