Dining Poll: Are You a Fan or Foe of Mayo?

According to an article in TODAY, research firm Euromonitor has revealed that mayonnaise is the top condiment in the U.S., handily besting ketchup. I’m a fan of both, but Duke’s mayonnaise is absolutely my most coveted condiment. As united as we seem to be in our love of mayo in the United States, however, a lot of folks cannot abide the creamy marriage of eggs and oil, even tho’ many chefs are pro mayo. Where do you stand in this condiment conundrum? Weigh in on the issue in our dining poll below.

The Next Iron Chef Episode 4: Chef Marc Forgione Talks Transformation

The chefs, with journals in hand, listen to the challenge at hand. "I'm not a big fair guy. I come from Manhattan. I have no idea what's served at a fair. No clue." — Chef Forgione

Would-be Iron Chef Marc Forgione and his fellow contenders were tasked with transforming ingredients and dishes last night. Chef Forgione talks about how he fared at the San Diego County Fair.

First up, you had to transform a condiment. Is the danger of things like steak sauce/ketchup/bbq sauce the sugar content in them? Can they make something too cloying?

The hardest part about the condiment challenge was that condiments are used to make other things taste better, not really used on their own. We had to transform a condiment into something that was not only good to eat and flavorful, but the condiment had to be the star.

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