For Mom with Love: Executive Chef Chris Coleman of Petaluma in NYC Shares His Mom-Inspired Recipe for Perfectly Pan-Seared Day Boat Scallops

Chef Chris Coleman presents his sublime seared scallops and another dish you'll find on the menu at Petaluma!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked chefs to share a recipe inspired by their own mom. Chris Coleman, Executive Chef of Petaluma, tells you how to make his sumptuous seared scallops that would make any mother proud!

Chef Chris Coleman credits so much of his success in the kitchen to his lovely mother, Bettie Elizabeth. Raised between South Beach, Florida, and Panama Canal, “The Center of the World and Heart of the Universe,” he grew up watching her cook for him and his siblings at home.  Soon enough, he joined Bettie Elizabeth at the stove. He says,  “My mother did most of the cooking at home, but, at some point, I took over and started showing flashes of being a ‘flamboyant cook,’ or at least that’s what my friends tell me.” (That’s what my friends tell me!)

Bettie Elizabeth’s influence on her son’s life extended far outside the kitchen. “My mother did a great job by leading me to where I am now in life. I wish she were alive so she could be proud of me, but I have two beautiful little ladies, Kaitlyn and Karla, and a wonderful girlfriend, Miss Annmarie Odonague, who inspire me every day to keep trying for the best.”

Chef Coleman serves this elegant dish  or a variation of it at his restaurant, seasonally. “I feel very confident about serving this dish anywhere, because I always tweak them a little bit and put on my own style on them.” Continue Reading