Restaurant Reviews Get Reviewed; What It Means to Be a Chef; Gordon Ramsay’s Guide to Life; The Cost of Not Cleaning Your Plate

Gordon Ramsay's tips for living probably aren't for the faint of heart.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Reviewing the reviews. A guide to online restaurant reviews. []

* Now and then. The changing role of a contemporary chef. [Eater]

* What would Gordon Ramsay do? One writer lives her life by the hot-headed chef’s example. [The Frisky]

* Americans are cooking less. I hope this means that they’re dining out more. []

* Be true to your school. Unless it’s a culinary school, which may be obsolete. [PittsburghLive]

* Clean your plate. Or it will cost you. Seriously. [The Globe and Mail]

* What the Chinese elite eat. Apparently, it’s different than what goes into the meals of the masses. [LA Times]