Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Poutine

There are entire blogs devoted solely to the pursuit of the best poutine and, I assume, living with heart disease.

Got a craving for poutine? Blame Canada! The Great White North birthed this dish in way back in the Mad Men era. Made with a base of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy, poutine has been getting upscale makeovers from ambitious chefs, through the addition of luxury ingredients, such as duck, lobster, and truffles, and technical twists, to elevate its stance from a national fast-food fave to an international treasure. See what OpenTable diners have been saying about poutine in reviews from the last seven days.

The Ballroom, Toronto, Ontario: “My sister and other frind tried the mushroom poutine, and said it was good also.”

Bannock, Toronto, Ontario: “From the herb laden poutine, the bannock sandwich, to the incredible butter tart, we devoured it.”

Boneta Restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia: “Super poutine! Crisp fries, light, tasty gravy, fresh curds.”

Brava Bistro, Calgary, Alberta: “The lobster poutine was delicious as was my shrimp and avocado salad.”

East Ender, Portland, Maine: “The food was excellent. Lobster poutine is evil (in a good way).”

Fork, Chicago, Illinois: “The poutine was fab!”

Foundry on Elm, Somerville, Massachusetts: “We had the poutine, which was rich but very tasty.”

Garde Manger, Montreal, Quebec: “The food is indeed amazing. The foie gras and lobster poutine didn’t disappoint.”

The Gorbals, Los Angeles, California: “We had grilled lettuce, beet barley risotto, grilled squid, bacon wrapped matzoh balls, and Bánh mì poutine. Grilled lettuce and Bánh mì poutine were really great and tasty.”

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