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Restaurant News: Good Patios, Bad Reinventions, and French Chefs in London

* French chefs say “Oui!” to London restaurants. [The Guardian] * Chain restaurants set their sights on Manhattan. [Wall Street Journal] * Hotel restaurants are favoring function over form. [USA Today] * Naming a restaurant isn’t easy as you’d think. [The Atlantic] * Here’s what became of some of the country’s most famous restaurants of […]

Which State Has the Most Food Bloggers? Should Critics Cook? Culinary Questions and Answers from Around the Web This Week

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve seen some interesting food and dining questions this week. Thankfully, either experts have answered them — or you (not I) will have to. * Do you know which state has the most food bloggers? Warning: This is a trick question.  [The New York Times] * Should critics […]