Tweet of the Week: We’re Seriously Good for Groups

Brunch is serious business in most major cities — and everywhere, come to think of it. After all, who doesn’t want to celebrate the weekend with a midday cocktail and sweet and savory eats? Brunch also brings out folks in large numbers, especially if you’re popular like @TroyPayne. Did you know you can find tables for up to 20 people on OpenTable? You can! For breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner — any meal. You can find availability for large groups through a basic search, or you can also consult your local Diners’ Choice listing for Good for Groups. Thanks for the shoutout, @TroyPayne. Enjoy what we hope is an epic brunch!


Labor Day Weekend Is Here: Let the Brunching Begin!

Let’s do this!

We cannot believe it either, but the unofficial last weekend of summer is here. As bummed as we are to start bidding a fond farewell to all the best things about summer (Adieu, heirloom tomatoes!), we’re excited for the weekend — and three days to brunch out! It’s one our favorite meals of the days because, hello, cocktails plus yummy breakfast foods? Yes, please.

You can find Great for Brunch suggestions on your local Diners’ Choice lists, or to search out the best of the best, take a gander at the 2013 Diners’ Choice Award winners for Top 100 Best Brunch Restaurants in the United States.

Happy brunching, and have a happy Labor Day weekend!

Tweet of the Week: Saving the Day on Mother’s Day!

The bad news for those of you who may not be good with dates? Mother’s Day is just two days away. The good news? There are still plenty of open tables at amazing restaurants. Brunch, lunch, and dinner, await your lovely mother. Thanks to @kinecta for spreading the word that it’s never to late to find the right reservation to celebrate Mother’s Day!


Confusing Menus; Celebs Cut Calories with Kiddie Cutlery; Daniel Turns 20 + More News

Will TMZ soon publish a groundbreaking photo of a celeb dining with children’s cutlery? One can only dream.

Dining news from around the web and around the world…

* Can’t decide what to order? Blame the menu. [The Guardian]

* Plan on dining better. Here’s how. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

* How celebs stay thin and dine out all the time? Tiny cutlery. I’m not even kidding. [Times of India]

* Going out to eat with kids can be challenging. And, it can be even rougher if they’re your grandkids. []

* Happy birthday, Daniel. The iconic Manhattan restaurant turns 20, and Chef Boulud reflects. [Serious Eats]

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