Bruce Buschel

Southfork Kitchen’s Bruce Buschel: On Blogging, Business Plans, and Being Honest

Bruce Buschel, proprietor of new-ish restaurant Southfork Kitchen, on Long Island’s tony East End, has spent more than a year detailing the trials and tribulations of opening his establishment in the Start-Up Chronicle blog in The New York Times. He writes honestly and openly about problems big and small, in a voice that will sound [...]

What Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do: Waiter Rant Strikes Back!

The New York Times recently gave Bruce Buschel, a contributor who is opening his very first restaurant, carte blanche to create an exhaustive list of things restaurant staffers should never do (and by “restaurant staffers” he really means “waiters”). As someone who’s been on both sides of the dining equation, waiting tables for more than [...]