That’s the Ticket: Save on Two Exciting Food + Wine Events in Los Angeles + NYC

You won't want to miss the Bottlenotes party in NYC on Wednesday!

At OpenTable, we love anything associated with dining out, especially special events (maybe it’s the “special” part that gets us). So, we’re pleased to offer diners in Los Angeles and New York an opportunity to purchase tickets to two exciting events for less.

First up, in Los Angeles, get in on the fun at Club Culinaire of French Cuisine’s 31st Annual Picnic des Chefs. Held Sunday, May 22nd, you can enjoy food, fun, and sun at Vasa Park. A celebration for Los Angeles Francophiles, with proceeds benefiting the Concern Foundation and the Hope Program at Children’s Hospital, participants will enjoy wine tastings from over 30 wineries and gourmet bites. Purchase $50 tickets for just $35 now!

On the other side of the country, food and wine fans in New York are invited to the Bottlenotes 80 Sips Challenge Closing Party on Wednesday, May 25th. Finishing the season with a flourish, this closing party offers New York oenophiles a chance to sample top wines from around the world, complemented by excellent small bites from Pranna. Mingle with fellow wine-lovers and toast to the good life at this dazzling event. Purchase $50 tickets for just $35 now!

Top Chef Season 8 Episode 7: Now With The Daily Sip’s Eric Arnold for Extra Flavor

"Somebody get a sponge."

This week, OT’s usual commentators on the most recent edition of Top Chef — Caroline Potter and Ed Cotton — are both out of town. So I’ve been asked to step in and take over for the next two weeks. Normally, I’m the editor of The Daily Sip, a free, wine-centric e-newsletter; and you can usually find me waxing about the wines of New Zealand–and other booze-related topics–herehere, and here.

Each season of Top Chef, we’re expected to look forward to Restaurant Wars, when the remaining contestants are split into two groups that square off in a battle of pop-up restaurants. It’s also usually the episode in which an otherwise strong contestant is shown the door because he or she ran the front of the house like it’s the DMV.

Some Restaurant Wars battles have been better than others, and this one, unfortunately, belongs in the scrap heap. For starters, the contestants weren’t put under nearly as much pressure as in previous seasons: No shopping for flatware, dishware, curtains or scented candles — just cooking. While one could argue that this levels the playing field, it really didn’t last night because someone still had to run the front of the house and, potentially, sacrifice food quality. And truth be told, last night’s Top Chef proved beyond doubt that the contestants will make or break themselves in the kitchen all on their own, no matter the challenge. So why not just keep them all in the kitchen?

Nevertheless, therein lies Top Chef‘s strength as a series: It’s the little things, from sliced fingers to stolen fishes to drunken kisses, that evoke an emotional response from viewers one minute to the next. I had plenty last night, in fact. Here they are, in order from last night:

* Ah, the brief recap — and yes, what fond memories we have of Jamie finally being sent packing last week. Oh, snap: Tonight’s episode starts at Le Bernadin?! Oh man, what I’d have given to see her survive another week and return to the scene of her braised-celery crime. Oh well.

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