Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Sweet Corn

Fresh Corn.Sweet corn is synonymous with summer. A variety of maize that has a high sugar content, sweet corn can be found with yellow, white, or bicolor kernels. It is an ingredient whose uses are so varied that it calls to mind Bubba Blue’s lengthy ode to shrimp dishes. Sweet corn is no longer relegated to savory dishes on menus. Sure, you’ll find it starring in soups, pastas, salads, tamales, tartlets, and more, but it is also popular in desserts! A favorite of home gardeners and farmers market shoppers, sweet corn is a signal that the best days of the season have arrived. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this very yummy veggie. 

AG at The Sterling, Niagara Falls, Ontario: “The food is phenomenal. I will dream about the sweet corn tartlet appetizer.”

Barcelona Restaurant & Bar, Columbus, Ohio: “Husband had paella and sweet corn soup — scrumptious.”

Blue Smoke, New York, New York: “Two of us had the fish special — striped bass on sweet corn and sunchoke purée. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.”

* Bouchon, Yountville, California: “We had wonderful entrees that were oddly outshined by a corn side dish. Sauteed with bacon chunks, salty, sweet, fresh, and mouthwateringly good, corn has never made me that happy before.”

Butter, New York, New York: “The dishes I had during both visits include cavatelli pasta, goat cheese market salad, braised short ribs, saffron ravioli with mushrooms, sweet corn creme brulée and chocolate espresso ice cream cake. Everything was AMAZING!”

Byrd and Baldwin Bros. Steakhouse, Norfolk, Virginia: “The sweet corn vegetable dish was an especially satisfying side dish.”

Dovetail, Macon, Georgia: “Doug Sanneman’s menu is a foodie’s palate pleaser! Bacon marmalade, lima bean hummus, creamy risotto, dilled sweet creamed corn, grapefruit paired with whole grain mustard, and more.”

El Centro D.F., Washington, D.C.: “Love the sweet corn tamales.”

Manon, New York, New York: “Try the sweet corn mascarpone tortellini; it’s deliciously light.”

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Trending on OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Deviled Eggs

Deviled-EggsI have a confession to make. I grew up detesting deviled eggs. Sad, but true. The idea of anything deviled sounded awful to mini me (particularly deviled ham). Fortunately, my husband loves deviled eggs (and quite possibly deviled ham. I can’t even talk about it.) and ordered the sublime version served at Blue Smoke in Manhattan. I promptly stole one, and it was everything I love about eggs and more. Curry! Spice! Tarragon-y tanginess! So, now I am happily addicted to deviled eggs. They pair perfectly with a cold martini (What doesn’t, really?), and they’re packed with protein, making them the perfect appetizer. Chefs are putting their own unique spins on ’em, incorporating ingredients from caviar to truffles — and everything in between. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about these tasty treats. 

Beatrix, Chicago, Illinois:The potato salad deviled eggs were great.”

* Bistro St. Michaels, Saint Michaels, Maryland: “Some appetizers are unique, especially the deviled eggs with pork belly.”

Ebbitt Room, Cape May, New Jersey: “Trio of deviled eggs appetizer was also fabulous. Quite unique.”

The Farm Cafe, Portland, Oregon: “The salads were all good as were the deviled eggs with smoked trout and lamb bacon.”

The Farmers’ Cabinet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “My personal favorites were the cheese plate, the duck deviled eggs, and the scallops.”

La Pulperia, New York, New York: “They have a deviled egg dish that was so good I ordered another one. It has tuna tartar, jalapeno sauce, egg, and cucumber. Sooo good:).”

Mason’s at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee: “Ate at the restaurant three times in three days and loved it each time. Best deviled eggs I’ve ever had (twice).”

Merchant’s Restaurant, Nasvhille, Tennessee: “The deviled eggs were set atop a local-made bread and butter pickle instead of having it mixed into the filling. It was a welcome changed to the standard egg.”

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Top Chef D.C. Episode 11: Amanda Strikes Out

It’s that time again. Aspiring cheftender Ed Hardy and I are chatting about this week’s episode, poking fun at Angelo (while also basking in his glowy good looks — at least I am; I won’t speak for Ed.).

"I'm not mad, Tom. I just thought we were ALL wearing jerseys today."

Okay, Ed, what up with Angelo saying he prays to chefs’ pics? C’mon!

Funny you should mention that. I actually have some chef photos up on my little private wall. All the best, of course. Giada, Nigella, Giada again. Doesn’t everybody?

This wall isn’t in your bathroom is it? Ack! Um, so is there anything wrong with Anthony Robbins? I like him, although he scares my husband — who refers to him as the lovechild of Andre the Giant and Lurch.

There is everything wrong with Tony Robbins. Have you seen the size of his mouth and teeth? I think he eats live suckling pigs whole.

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