Rock Star Chefs (No, Really!); Worst Food Trends; Dining Solo; and New Wine Lists

In addition to dining with friends, baboons also appear to enjoy a table with a view.

Dining news from around the Internets…

* Maybe chefs are the new rock stars because a lot of them *were* rock stars? Meet some of the former mods and rockers who make some of the best food. [Saveur]

* These are the 10 worst food trends, according to Jonathan Gold. Until, you know, the next 10 worst food trends emerge. [Sunset]

* Sooner or later, we all eat alone. And we’re ordering the tasting menu when we do it. [Denver Post]

Except for baboons. They prefer to dine with friends, despite the occasional-yet-understandable food fight. []

* The British are coming. Oh, wait…they’re already here. And everywhere, as evidenced by these uber-successful British restaurants that have gone global. [HuffPostFood]

* Let the diner beware? Jon Watson asks, “When it comes to food allergies, who bears the burden of responsibility?” Discuss among yourselves. Or in the comments below. [AJC Food and More]

* A curtain call for cupcakes: The ubiquitous dessert may be on the decline. And a lot of folks, myself included, don’t think that’s a bad thing. Sorry, Bethany. [NRN]

* Lose weight while you work — in a restaurant? A casting call is out for food-service industry employees to audition for a weight-loss television show. Eater’s got the deets. [Eater]

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