Dining Poll: Where Do You Prefer to Have Cocktails?

When dining out, are you a let’s-meet-early-for-a-drink-at-the-bar person? Or would you rather enjoy a cocktail from the comfort of your table while perusing the menu? Weigh in below!

The Upside to Dining out in a Down Economy

fork-knife-menuIs the recession keeping you out of restaurants?  The New York Post details 10 ways a weakened economy is actually a boon to hungry diners, highlighting deals at Fishtail by David Burke, David Burke Townhouse, Chanterelle, Per Se, and more. Other trends include bar areas that are — wait for it! — for drinking rather than dining and burgers showing up on some very upscale menus (Sorry, no Per Se sliders!). Similarly, restaurants in your neighborhood that may have been out of your reach may be well within it. So, stop denying yourself and start dining out!