Protein Packed Potables: 11 Meaty Cocktails for Carnivores

There’s no fork and knife required to get your fill of meat these days. Bartenders are creatively working a plethora of protein packed components into their cocktails – from chorizo fat-washed bourbon and prosciutto-infused bourbon to pork enhanced bitters and a butchery’s worth of garnishes. Ron Swanson would approve heartily. Here are 11 meaty cocktails for carnivores.

Scarpetta, Miami Beach, Florida
Rum, rye, and dry sherry are the boozy foundation of the Lombardia. The cocktail is perked up with Angostura and orange bitters and then finished off with a strip of crispy pancetta. Make a reservation at Scarpetta.

meaty cocktails

Old Town Pour House, Chicago, Illinois
Here’s a cocktail worthy of a meat eater. The Churchill Bloody Mary is garnished with a trio of proteins: a peppercorn steak medallion, grilled shrimp, and a Slim Jim. You almost don’t need to bother with an entrée if you order it at brunch. Almost. Make a reservation at Old Town Pour House.

Meaty Cocktails

Steak & Whisky, Hermosa Beach, California
Ron Swanson finally has a cocktail to celebrate his meat-loving ways. The eponymous tipple riffs on an Old Fashioned, featuring whiskey, barrel-smoked maple syrup, and bitters. It’s finished off with a meaty nibble from the charcuterie board. Make a reservation at Steak & Whisky.

meaty cocktails

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bacon makes everything better — even bourbon, which is pretty darn awesome anyway. It boosts this spicy Bloody Mary, which comes garnished with a chewy strip of housemade jerky. Make a reservation at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar.

meaty cocktails

Estrellón, Madison, Wisconsin
Chorizo takes a starring role at this Spanish restaurant from James Beard Award winner Tory Miller – even the cocktails. Chorizo fat-washed bourbon is the lead in the aptly titled Chorizo Cocktail, alongside Spanish vermouth, lemon and orange juice, maple syrup, and angostura and blackstrap bitters. Make a reservation at Estrellón.

meaty cocktails

Bar Boulud, New York, New York
Give us lardo over butter any day of the week. The whipped fat is zigzagged across a crispy crostini jutting out of the crimson depths of the Bloody Mary. The rosemary-accented porky spread is a nice counterpoint to the cocktail’s spicy tang and perky acidity. Make a reservation at Bar Boulud.

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On Our Plate: Desk to Dinner Collection at Banana Republic; Washington DC Restaurant Week Reservations; Queens Feast; Dine Tampa Bay; Zombies + Bacon

In honor of Bastille Day, here is a photo of Roger Federer winning the French Open in 2009.

Happenings on and around OpenTable…

* We’re cleaning out our closets to make room for Banana Republic’s fabulous Desk to Dinner collection and we’re clearing our datebooks for the Bon Appetit events at Banana Republic stores on Thursday, July 19th. Learn more!

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* Providence Restaurant Weeks has started. Enjoy $14.95 lunches & $29.95 dinners, July 8-21.

* Say Oui! to French Restaurant Week in New York. Take advantage of $17.89 set menus July 8-15 in honor of Bastille Day.

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Dining Poll: Is Bacon in a Dish Well Done or Overdone?

Bacon is the so-called trend that always waxes and never seems to wane. What started out as a revived appreciation has yielded a cornucopia of culinary offerings ranging from the whimsical (Bacon ice cream!) to the weird (Bacon vodka! Ed. note: Ewww!). And, the weirder: Days ago, a restaurant unveiled its all-bacon burger. But, is bacon getting too big for its britches? A backlash may be building if this Eater interview with Southern chef and eschewer of bacon John Currence is any indication. Currence notes, “Everybody went bananas for bacon. It was an easy thing. If you were cooking and didn’t have any sort of real ability at all but wanted to illustrate something through the Southern lens, you’d throw bacon at it, no matter what.”

What’s your position on bacon? Mainstay or culinary crutch? Weigh in on today’s poll!

Top Chef Texas Episode 8: Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Chef Ed Hardy Ce Soir?

"Whoa! @MarioBatali just retweeted one of my tweets!"

We’re still stuffed from lots of Christmas-time dining and talking about the latest episode of Top Chef: Texas with Ed Hardy of Red Rooster Harlem.

Have you been to Austin?

No, but its on my short list of places I need to go. I hear the food scene is great!

This is probably something every chef should have up her or his sleeve: What’s your ultimate bacon dish?

This is an easy question. For the holidays I always make a Bacon Tree. Merry $%&#ing Christmas! When I need a lighter bacon snack, I love the classic BLT, but put together with a little homemade lemon aioli and some Nueske’s bacon.

I just ordered some life-changing bacon from Flying Pigs Farm. Holy cow! Or, rather holy pig! Speaking of pork, also, I just had this amazing sausage hash at Locanda Verde. You have to eat there. Unreal!

I’ve heard about the hash at Locande Verde. I’m not important enough to be able to score a table. Maybe if I keep writing stuff like this they’ll allow me in. Hash, in any form, is a good thing. Whether you’re at a Waffle House and get it scattered, smothered, covered and chunked or if you’re on the slopes in Switzerland and you order a Rösti avec du fromage, de l’oignon et jambon it’ll be delicious. Because, oddly enough, you just ordered the exact same thing.Continue Reading