Status Salads; Meaningless Restaurant Concepts; and Other Trends in Dining

* Some upscale Manhattan restaurants, including 21 Club, The Four Seasons, Fred’s at Barney’s, and Michael’s, serve upscale “status” salads at upscale prices. [NY Post]

* Eater is calling for an end to certain restaurant concept trends, decrying them as meaningless. [Eater]

* San Francisco Chronicle scribe Michael Bauer ponders whether non-restaurants are justified in charging restaurant prices (They’re not). [InsideScoopSF]

* Bacon camp is the new rock star camp. [Washington Post]

* This is what summer looks like, to some of the UK’s best chefs. [London Times, registration required]

* Frank Bruni wasn’t fond of sidewalk seating, but some serious eaters are. [Serious Eats]

* It’s tough to wait for brunch — so don’t. [SF Weekly]

* Emily Stokes of the Financial Times wonders about “one-dish wonders.” [Financial Times]

* Bachelor parties have gone from tasteless to tasting menus. [The New York Times]

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