Fun Dining vs. Fine Dining; Restaurant in Spain Shutters, Thousands Mourn; An Ode to Outdoor Dining; Celeb-Owned Restaurants; Stopping Table Squatting

Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts enjoys a post-meal stroll with partner Craig Johnson.

* Fun dining is the new fine dining. To steal a line from Trading Places, can’t we have both? [GrubStreet NY]

* Some restaurant in Spain closed. People are upset. [The Guardian]

* 10 signs that the next sign you’ll see on your fave restaurant will be “Going Out of Business.” []

* Unhappy campers. Lingering, or squatting, at a table for too long in a crowded restaurant creates a sticky situation for everyone. [CHOW]

* Stars! They’re just like us! They own restaurants. Well, not like me. I don’t own any restaurants and I don’t think anyone else at OpenTable does. [MSNBC]

* Even when no one really knows they do. [TODAY]

* Speaking of stars, this celebrity-magnet restaurant has merited its very own blind item. Guess away. [BlindGossip]

* The City of Angels transports blogger to the city of elves. Amateur Gourmet (and future Angeleno) Adam Roberts waxes poetic on the joys of dining al fresco in LA. [Epicurious]

* Can a chef get — and stay — slim? And, if so, is she a hypocrite for serving up fatty foods? [Salon]

* Does a food porn party lead to a food orgy? The author doesn’t say. [The Awl]

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