2012 Chicago Michelin Guide: Windy City Restaurants Seeing Stars!

OpenTable is pleased to offer our sincere congratulations to the 2012 Chicago Michelin star recipients! This year, 21 restaurants received well-deserved stars. A single star from Michelin is impressive and indicates that a restaurant is very good, while three stars means that a restaurant is a destination in and of itself, worthy of a special culinary expedition. […]

How to Take Foodspotting Photos (Unless You’re at Alinea)

From the “Not-Exactly-Breaking-News” files, food photography is rampant at restaurants, thanks to, first, Flickr, then Twitpic, and now Foodspotting. The act of creating food porn, as a lot of people call it, while eating out has become more acceptable, even though it annoys some diners. I admit I’ve done this a few times — but […]