Local Food More Complicated than You Think; FOOD at Frieze; Priciest Tasting Menus + More News

FOOD in New York’s then-not-so-trendy neighborhood played an important role in the continuing evolution of dining in the U.S.

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Show me the meaning of eating local. The conversation needs to extend beyond mileage. [The Washingtonian]

* Frieze freezes a moment in food history. An exhibit at Frieze New York pays homage to Soho’s FOOD restaurant of the 1970s. [NY Mag]

* Do you have expensive tastes? Then you won’t suffer sticker shock from the world’s spendiest tasting menus. [Journal.ie]

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The Best Restaurant; When to Complain While Dining Out; Dinner Party Like a Pro

If you like puppies, you may agree with one blogger's opinion of the world's greatest restaurant.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Is this the best restaurant ever? That depends on how you feel about puppies. [Buzzfeed]

* How to throw a dinner party for 50 people like ABC Kitchen‘s Dan Kluger. It’s harder than it looks, no matter what he says. [Bon Appetit]

* I can’t believe they didn’t ask him if he could actually samba. 10 questions for Sushi Samba‘s Fernando Navas. [Haute Living]

* Marco Canora didn’t win The Next Iron Chef. But he did win Alex Guarnaschelli’s (Butter) culinary heart with Hearth. [Daily Beast]

* State your complaint. Here’s five reasons when you should, at a restaurant. [CHOW]

* Your chocolate is in my bivalve. The trendiest flavor pairing is oysters with chocolate. Which sounds gross, but, maybe not? [FT.com]