In Bloom: 11 Delicious Cauliflower Dishes

Like Cinderella, cauliflower has transformed into the belle of the ball. Once a bland side dish, it has recently taken its place at the center of the plate, thanks to creative chefs who recognize its versatility. These days you’ll find it fried like chips, stuffed in pasta, whipped into custard, and served as steak. Here are some of the most interesting and appealing, not to mention unusual delicious cauliflower dishes around.

Cauliflower Agnolotti, Glen Ellen Star, Glen Ellen, California
The menu at Glen Ellen Star changes every month or so in order to focus on what’s in season. Chef and owner Ari Weiswasser recently added cauliflower-stuffed pasta to the offerings as a vegetarian main course. A stunning dish, it’s served with salt-baked celery root and hedgehog mushrooms and topped with a hen egg. Make a reservation at Glen Ellen Star.

Delicious Cauliflower dishes

Cauliflower Stalks, Proof + Pantry, Dallas, Texas
Executive chef Julio Peraza takes the oft-neglected parts of the cauliflower and turns them into something special. The stalks and florets are caramelized, and then the brilliantly colored florets are fried in a mixture of red wine vinegar, white truffle oil, salt, and pepper to give the dish an extra dimension of flavor and bread crumbs provide a crunchy texture. It’s then topped with stracciatella cheese, a soft and creamy cheese that resembles the center of burrata. Make a reservation at Proof + Pantry.

Delicious Cauliflower Dishes

Cauliflower Toast, The Perennial, San Francisco, California
At newly opened The Perennial, chef Chris Kuniya uses all parts of the cauliflower — sometimes even the leaves. The stems are incorporated into a whey and cauliflower spread and the florets are charred and then pickled in Champagne vinegar and served atop crostini. The dressing changes frequently; sometimes it’s made with the leafy green puntarelle, other times with fermented mushroom water, fermented mushroom stock, fresh mushroom broth, and extra virgin olive oil. Make a reservation at The Perennial.

Delicious Cauliflower Dishes

Roasted Cauliflower Steak, Andiron Steak & Sea, Las Vegas, Nevada
At Andiron Steak & Sea, located in downtown Summerlin, chef Kim Canteenwalla roasts cauliflower, topping it with pale green romanesco, which has a similar texture to cauliflower, along with trumpet mushrooms, Manchego cheese, and a garnish of dressed arugula. It’s presented in a most dramatic way and is the perfect entrée for someone not quite in either a steak or sea mood. Make a reservation at Andiron Steak & Sea.

Delicious Cauliflower Dishes

Fried Cauliflower, RN74, San Francisco, California
RN74 is known for it’s innovative presentation of its wine list on a board that resembles a train schedule as well as rich and indulgent dishes including foie gras, bone marrow, crab rillettes, and lobster thermidor. Even cauliflower gets a luxurious treatment here. Chef Michael Lee Rafidi serves it fried with uni aioli, duck fat bread crumbs, and chili flakes. Make a reservation at RN74.

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Eye on the Prize: 100 Best Restaurants in America 2015 Winners Claim Their All-Clad Awards

In December, we unveiled the 100 Best Restaurants in America 2015, and since then, our team has been meeting with the honorees to present them with their well-deserved engraved All-Clad awards in person.

These awards for the 100 Best Restaurants in America reflect the combined opinions of more than 5 million restaurant reviews submitted by verified OpenTable diners for more than 20,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

We are thrilled to honor these talented hospitality professionals and their dedication to their craft. Get to know these standout chefs and restaurateurs and make a reservation to experience excellence.

Insane Burgers: 10 Totally Cray Cray Patty Masterpieces

Most burgers are served on a sesame seed bun with the typical toppings – patty, iceberg lettuce, ring of red onion, tomato slice, American cheese, and a little secret sauce that’s basically Thousand Island dressing. There’s nothing wrong with being basic. But, for a mo, let’s forget those quotidian contenders. These over-the-top, no-holds-barred two handers feature primo patties, über-luxe garnishes, and other unexpected elements that will have you swearing off standard-issue quarter pounders for life. Here are 10 totally insane burgers, with sincere apologies to those of you who have brought your lunch to work today.

db Bistro Moderne, Miami, Florida
Daniel Boulud may be French, but he has totally mastered the American art of crafting burgers. His most over-the-top rendition stars a ground sirloin patty stuffed with red wine-braised short ribs and foie gras. Slathered with a little fresh horseradish and tomato confit, it arrives on a housemade toasted Parmesan and poppy seed bun. Make a reservation at db Bistro Moderne.

insane burgers

Rockit Burger Bar, Chicago, Illinois
How could you not order a burger called the Mac & Cheese Attack? It sounds so amazeballs that we’d be surprised if anyone could resist it. The carb-loaded beast features a quarter pounder nestled between two “buns” of deep fried mac ‘n cheese. It’s garnished with lettuce, tomato, scallions, and sriracha ketchup, which we now know goes really well with mac ‘n cheese. Who knew? Make a reservation at Rockit Burger Bar.

insane burgers

Root & Bone, New York, New York
This insane, Southern-minded cheeseburger has a couple of things going for it. Firstly, it’s stuffed with pimento cheese. Secondly, it’s chicken fried. And, it comes with waffle fries. ‘Nuff said. Make a reservation at Root and Bone.

Insane burgers

SoBou, New Orleans, Louisiana
This foie gras-enriched burger comes gussied up with a sunny side up egg and duck bacon. To help wash down all that decadent fat is an equally decadent, equally fatty foie gras milkshake. Which would be a great name for a band. Just sayin’. Make a reservation at SoBou.

Insane burgers

MAMO, New York, New York
Don’t tell your cardiologist if you have this for lunch. That’s because this burger is capped off with a lobe of foie gras and a snowfall of paper-thin white truffles, not to mention a little gravy. Because why the hell not? You’ve already clearly decided to temporarily ditch your heart healthy diet. Make a reservation at MAMO.

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Sinfully Good: Give Us Our Daily Bread Pudding

Goodbye gluten-free — bread pudding is back, big time! Whether it’s in the form of an ooey, gooey, boozy dessert or a hearty, savory side dish, chefs are once again embracing this classic. Here are eight interpretations of the humble, satisfying dish from a few of our favorite restaurants.

The Macintosh, Charlestown, South Carolina
With a last name like Bacon, it’s befitting that Macintosh executive chef and partner Jeremiah Bacon would eschew the sweet for a signature savory side. He compares his Bone-Marrow Bread Pudding to a “savory French toast” and says word of mouth about the popular dish regularly brings in new diners ready to try his creative, upscale American plates that also include beet panna cotta and broccolini with pickled mustard seed, fish sauce, and naval oranges. While the bread pudding was at one point just a winter entree, it became so popular he decided to serve it year-round as a side. “It is so rich that a little goes a long way — which makes it a great item to share with the table,” he says. Make a reservation at The Macintosh.

Bread Pudding

Palace Café, New Orleans
Forget the spicy gumbo — decadent dessert is just as much a staple at Palace Café, where the signature third course, white chocolate bread pudding, has been the choice of diners since the café opened in 1991. A booze-free, kid-friendly alternative, it’s safer than anything you’ll find on Bourbon Street since the raisins have been replaced with white-chocolate chunks and the whiskey sauce takes the form of white-chocolate ganache. A more adult version is available at Bourbon House (Palace’s sibling restaurant in the French Quarter), featuring chocolate banana bread pudding complete with bourbon butterscotch sauce. Their boozy brunch features bourbon French toast with the bread pudding custard, paired with an adult milk punch — a blend of milk, gelato, and Old Forester bourbon. Make a reservation at Palace Café.

Bread Pudding

White Dog Café, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What could be more comforting than food served in a Mason jar? For pastry chef Kelly Levasseur, possibly only desserts using her grandmother’s recipes. “Growing up, my grandmother was famous for her pineapple bread pudding — everyone can relate to it, it’s a little sweet piece of home,” she says. “We want to be creative with our recipes, but at the same time keep a feeling of home and comfort.” This season, two of three White Dog Café locations offer treats straight from Grandma’s kitchen: Roasted Pineapple Bread Pudding with coconut marshmallows, crushed almonds, topped with vanilla ice cream. Make a reservation at White Dog Café.

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