Baumé in Palo Alto; Kirwood in Atlanta; and Other New Restaurant Reviews

Restaurants that have recently earned rave reviews…

* Rick Nelson reports on his visit to Apertif in Woodbury, Minneapolis. [Star Tribune]

* Jennifer Graue boasts about Baumé in Palo Alto. [Mercury News]

* Diners in West Hartford, Connecticut, will enjoy new Mexican eatery Besito. [NECN]

* Encore in Denver deserves an ovation. [Denver Post]

* Alan Richman stops by Colicchio & Sons in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district and likes what he sees — and eats. [GQ]

* Kirkwood in Atlanta isn’t really new, but it is really good, according to Bob Townsend. [AJC]

* Baltimore’s La Scala continues to deliver big flavors in Little Italy.  [Baltimore Sun]

* Michael Bauer believes Marlowe‘s second act deserves three stars. [San Francisco Chronicle]

* Barbara Lynch’s new restaurant Menton is amazing, according to a Boston blogger. [LimeyG]

* Michael Schulson’s Sampan scores a “very good” endorsement from Inquirer critic Craig LaBan. []

* “Top Chef” contestant Dale Levitski has helped Chicago’s Sprout earn three stars from Phil Vettel. [Chicago Tribune]

* STK Miami serves up sexy food in a similar atmosphere. [Miami Herald]

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week: Here’s ‘The Situation’…

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week 2010 Jersey Shore Restaurant Week: Heres The Situation...Made famous first as a vacation spot for folks living in Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, the Jersey Shore has stepped into the spotlight lately, courtesy of the eponymous MTV “reality” show and the antics (G-T-L!) of cast members Snookie, DJ Pauly D, JWoww, and, of course, The Situation (only one of whom is actually from New Jersey). In actual reality, the Jersey Shore is a picturesque stretch of beachfront communities with fine dining restaurants aplenty. To kick off the coming season of fun in the sun, restaurants along the shore are celebrating Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants include Avenue in Long Branch, David Burke’s Fromagerie in Rumson (home to Bruce Springsteen), Scarborough Fair in Manasquan, and more.

Book your reservation today, but don’t expect to spot Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ and Ronnie. While they will return to the Jersey Shore eventually, the cast is currently filming the show’s second season in Miami.

London Diner Denied Water at Restaurant; Management’s Excuse All Wet

London Diner Denied Water at Restaurant London Diner Denied Water at Restaurant; Managements Excuse All WetThe Daily Mail reports that a thirsty London diner asked for a free glass of tap water in a restaurant — and was refused. After spending more than $300 on dinner and ordering a bottled water and a round of drinks, the patron, Sonya Adams, politely requested a some tap water, only to be told it was against restaurant policy to serve diners free tap water. However, this policy is in violation of a new law introduced in the U.K. designed to help thwart alcohol-related crimes; alcohol retailers cannot turn down a patron’s request for a complimentary glass of water from the tap.

The restaurant’s management could face a hefty fine, prison time, and/or a revocation of its liquor license. Adams, who paid her bill but opted not to leave a tip, won’t be returning to the restaurant.

Charging for water has been an issue here in the States in the past year. What would you do if a restaurant refused to serve you a glass of tap water on the house? Walk out? Leave a small or no tip? Offer to pay for the water? Weigh in here or tell us your thoughts on Facebook.

Thomas Keller Speaks; Art Smith Is Getting Hitched; and Other Chef News

Chef Watch Thomas Keller Speaks; Art Smith Is Getting Hitched; and Other Chef News* Culinary king Thomas Keller (Ad Hoc, The French Laundry) discusses his restaurant empire, his dreams for a burger joint, and why he won’t expand into Abu Dhabi.  [Eater]

* Keller also talks to the Wall Street Journal about the difference between Napa and New York diners. In case you don’t have a subscription, there really aren’t any. [Wall Street Journal-subscription required]

* Oprah’s favorite chef Art Smith is tying the knot with his longtime partner at his D.C. restaurant Art and Soul. [Grub Street Chicago]

* Colby Garrelts, chef/owner of Bluestem in Kansas City, is happy to be nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award, but he’d be even happier if he won one on May 3. [The Pitch]

* Award-winning chef and author Michel Nichan, who owns Dressing Room in Connecticut, loves Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Miami.  [Daily Beast]

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Pay What You Wish at a Restaurant: Geordie’s at The Wrigley Mansion

Here’s one from the feel-good files: The New York Times “Freakonomics” folks called readers’ attention to a restaurant in Phoenix that is allowing diners to pay what they think is fair for lunch. Geordie’s Restaurant and Lounge in The Wrigley Mansion isn’t pricing its lunch entrees, instead letting patrons decide what they’re worth.

Being a bit of a cynic, I wondered how this pricing experiment was going, so I phoned Celeste Nichols, the general manager. She says, “It’s been very well received. We’re getting lots of local diners as well as people from out of town.” In terms of the value diners are placing on their entrees, Nichols reveals, “We’re pretty much getting $13 or better. People are loving it! They think it’s a great idea.” Nichols, who championed the concept, said she’d seen a restaurant in another state do it and thought it might be something that would be fun to try at The Wrigley Mansion. She admitted she was a bit skeptical at first (after all, someone could just wish to pay a quarter), but, Nichols says, “It’s turned out that people pay fairly, if not better than we anticipated.”

Available at lunch, Tuesday through Saturdays, the “Pay What You Think Is Fair” promotion at Geordie’s in The Wrigley Mansion has been going on for more than six months with no end in sight.

Steve Cuozzo Dishes Up Disses; Sexist Servers; and More

Steve Cuozzo Dishes Up Disses Steve Cuozzo Dishes Up Disses; Sexist Servers; and MoreFrom the “State Your Complaint” files…

* New York Post critic Steve Cuozzo has had enough of pizza mania, small plates, and even smaller snacks at Manhattan restaurants. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the menu this morning. [NY Post]

* A diner accuses wait professionals of sexism, but critic Michael Bauer says her seat — and not her sex — may be the reason she’s not getting the check. [SFGate]

* Phil Vettel’s reader’s react to his list of restaurant flaws. [Chicago Tribune]

* Phil Vettel reacts to bad brunch services. (Can brunch ever be really bad? You’re allowed, heck, even encouraged, to have a cocktail IN THE MORNING!)  [Chicago Tribune]

* Eater had previously weighed in on restaurant design trends that need to go the way of microwave cooking. [Eater]

* Diners are feeling squeezed. Literally. [Star Tribune]

Joey Campanaro, Paul Sevigny, and The Kenmare: People Are Talking

You know how sometimes it seems that there’s just one chef that everyone is talking about? Well, at the moment that chef is Joey Campanaro. Famous for his work at The Little Owl and his meatball sliders, along with Market Table, Campanaro has opened Kenmare along with restaurateur Paul Sevigny, brother to Chloe and the man behind the infamous Beatrice Inn. Serious Eats talks to Campanaro about what he likes to serve, The Daily Beast got him to reveal where he most likes to eat when he’s not behind the line (Soto), and Lost City reveals the origin’s of his latest venture’s name, which is tucked on a street of the same name in Manhattan’s SoHo.

Have you tried Campanaro’s famous meatball sliders? Which one of his restaurants is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Tipping at Restaurants Takes a Hit. Are Tip Jars to Blame?

Tipping at Restaurants Takes a Hit Tipping at Restaurants Takes a Hit. Are Tip Jars to Blame?In honor of Tax Day tomorrow (Have you filed your return — or your extension yet?), we’re talking about tipping again. Servers in Portland have seen their tips decrease. Some are blaming smaller checks, while several customers had little sympathy for the servers’ plight. Could it be that as consumers we’re now being hit up for tips everywhere we go? To wit, I was recently at a dry cleaner that had a tip jar. Really?! Hey, here’s an extra buck for losing my sweater for a week. Or for putting a crease in my pants even though I beg you not to EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thanks, and keep up the not-so-great work!

Meanwhile, last month, Cheryl Glenn, a lawmaker in Maryland introduced a bill that would ban automatic tipping in restaurants for parties of under 10 diners. Restaurant associations aren’t happy about it, but every diner has her/his own strategy for tipping that doesn’t always jibe with a gratuity automatically being added to their bill.

Are tip jars tapping you out? Causing you to tip less at restaurants? Are mandatory tips driving you mad? Weigh in here, or join the conversation on Facebook.

What It’s Like to Work at The French Laundry; Batali Goes Green

* It’s tough to get a reservation at The French Laundry, but it’s even tougher to work there. [Financial Times]

* …although the commute is probably tougher if you work at the world’s most remote restaurant. [Gizmodo]

* Mario Batali is known for his orange Crocs, but his restaurants, including Del Posto, Lupa, Osteria Mozza, and Otto, are sporting a more Earth-friendly hue. [The Huffington Post]

* There’s speculation about the name of the new Jose Garces restaurant in Philadelphia’s Centre City. [Philadelphia City Paper]

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On the Menu: Real Milk, Salted Butter, and Peter Rabbit?

On the Menu Real Milk On the Menu: Real Milk, Salted Butter, and Peter Rabbit?Ingredient-driven news from the world of food…

*New York restaurants, including I Trulli, SD26, and SHO Shaun Hergatt, are serving bunny. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. [NY Post]

* Could country ham be the new bacon? [Salon]

* Salted butter is back on tables at fine restaurants, taking some of the fun out of salting your bread and butter. [The Epi-Log]

* Finding sustainable fish is about to get easier, thanks to an eco-minded entrepreneur. [The New York Times]

* Milk is supposed to have flavor, and once again, some of it does. [Washington Post]

* Seasonal sweets are showing up in San Francisco restaurants. [San Francisco Chronicle]

* Atlanta diners are giving quiche a chance at Au Pied de Cochon and Bistro Niko. [AJC]